Henan economic development in the NPC and CPPCC period, also made about the blueprint, believe that under the guidance of the government, Henan province will usher in a new development pattern, a better business environment for more entrepreneurs, promote economic development.

"advantage, active integration, serving the overall situation, the implementation of three national strategic planning and the" The Belt and Road ‘construction closely together, comprehensively promote the multi field open cooperation with relevant countries and regions, enhanced in the hinterland of the Central Plains’ The Belt and Road’ strategic support."

"Zhengzhou airport and cargo airlines, to comprehensively strengthen the Luxemburg united parcel (UPS) and other domestic and foreign large logistics integrators, initially formed a connection to Europe, Southeast Asia, East Asia’s major hub airport route network. Zheng European trains running well, train frequency, freight volume, load ratio and distribution range of inside and outside the sparse set of indexes in central trains has become China’s leading level, and Silk Road Economic Belt along national exchanges and cooperation is an important link.

The two phase of the project,