is easy and comfortable to wear, with appropriate, can also become a representative of fashion, which is widely praised by the public t-shirt. As the world’s largest annual sales, the most popular and most people enjoy wearing seasonal clothing T-shirt, with its natural, comfortable, handsome and dignified feeling around the world, with the transformation of style constantly has the change, if appropriate decoration on T-shirts, can add infinite charm. So what kind of T-shirt? What brand of T-shirt? Here, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the women’s T-shirt top ten brands list.

ladies T-shirt ten brands list NO.1, Liebo

is a famous Liebo Chinese independent design brand, founded in 2006, started by a group of extraordinary creative designers and interesting young people to band together and ask the coexistence of identity difference persisted, Liebo different independent and distinct standpoint.

women’s T-shirt top ten brands NO.2, INMAN Yin man

Yin, INMAN, United States and Guangzhou subsidiary of the cotton lifestyle brand, was founded by Chairman Fang Jianhua in 2008, with the original design of the positioning of the cotton artist renowned Internet, China is the fastest growing and most representative of the online apparel retail brand.

women’s T-shirt top ten brands NO.3, Han Yi clothes homes

Han Yi homes (Group) was founded in 2006, mainly for urban fashion crowd to provide high-quality fashion apparel. As the first brand of Chinese Internet fast fashion, Han Yi homes with more updated style fast, cost-effective product concept won the national consumer favorite and trust.

women’s T-Shirt Top Ten brand NO.4, Tonlion Tonlion

Tonlion clothing belonging to Bo Yang Group, Zhejiang group is located in Ningbo, is one of the leading brands in Apparel Group in the group was founded in 1994, mainly engaged in manufacturing and trading of fabrics, home textiles, clothing etc.. In 1994, after the integration of the various branches of the joint-stock enterprises began to reform, and began their own brand management.

women’s T-shirt ten brands list NO.5, Europe,

OSA, founded in 2007, to integrate the popular classic fashion, created can ease at work and leisure life in the fashion dress for mental age 25-35 years old urban men and women, is the brand of choice for many urban white-collar workers.

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