Chinese is always pay attention to etiquette country very much, eat together are drinking wine industry demand has been great for the operators of the wine industry, to improve the wine sales, need to master certain methods and techniques, this can let you better run faster, get rich. So, how can we improve the store store turnover? Now, let’s go and have a look.

1, the customer into the store, first of all to observe the reaction of the guests, if the customer is clear, it is necessary to consult the number of drinks, if the customer hesitated, then take the initiative to guide the guests to help the guests take the idea.

2, clear drinks, the need to further promote the introduction of some characteristics of small food. Free time is also a good time to sell. Marketing should pay more attention to timely and appropriate, be just perfect, otherwise easy to self defeating.

3, marketing should pay attention to the body language. When talking with customers, looking at each other, to show respect; upper body leaning, as close as possible to the guest speech, not far from the guest speech, nodded to hear at any time, if not, hear, say: "sorry, could you say it again." Usually pay more attention to the guests, pay attention to the accumulation of experience, will greatly enhance the effectiveness of marketing.

4, communicate with the customer to pay attention to the language art and expression, to be polite, decent and generous; do active marketing must be "with guest host", of different guests should do different marketing.

5, to be good at using the views of the third, such as the use of well-known people to drink wine to evaluate the quality and price.

if you think this industry is very promising, want to engage in this aspect of the business, I hope this article can help you to store drinks, long-term profitability, need to change the original business model, develop the market with innovative ideas, to earn more profit for company in return for their. In this paper, the wine store sales skills to make a detailed analysis, I hope to help you.

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