2016 years have passed nearly 2 months, and entrepreneurs have ushered in a new spring. In the new year, what is the 2016 most profitable business? Vigilance let Xiaobian take you to see. I hope you can play a reference role in venture capital investment.

1, cell phone repair: small investment Datong newspaper

focus: invisible profits can not be ignored


2, "Internet plus": become profitable trend

2015 what is the most profitable business now? Survey shows that "Internet plus" franchise in the industry are used, 97% of the top 100 enterprises have started the development of the 020 business. 60% of companies choose to build their own network platform to carry out online business, nearly 25% of companies choose to build their own platform and people in the combination of the third party platform to carry out online business. At the same time, a Alipay or WeChat to support the payment of 40% of the enterprises.

focus: to find stable profit point

3, high-end milk bar: keep the office is recommended