a lot of people will have questions, especially in the choice of entrepreneurship, will ask me in the end is not suitable for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship should know what knowledge. In order to determine whether you can start a business, that successful entrepreneurs to provide you with five major recommendations, these five recommendations after understanding, you will know the answer.

1, take a closer look at your real entrepreneurial potential

this self assessment has important influence. If you are destined to be an entrepreneur, there is no need to ask others for advice. If you have a standard deviation, then you need to find the right environment, means that you must choose the right opportunity to locate, and find out you can bring to the team and partners of entrepreneurial talents, to find their shortcomings.

2, looking for a director to take up their own short partner

for most technology startups, the beginning to use two kinds of skills, is a business skills (including sales, marketing, finance and accounting matters), two is the technical development skills. If you are good at one of these skills, you should find a partner who is good at another skill.