we all know sanshierli, a lot of people in our reality is at the age of thirty was the time today without a single success, the actor is thirty years old, suddenly feel not so mediocre anymore, decisive to start their own business, and successful, interested can look at.

"when their craft is not enough, lack of experience, a relatively large risk. And then, the town’s people seldom buy Lucai, business has been very good." Chen Zhiqiang said.

2005 years, "return" Chen Zhiqiang returned to his hometown filial piety Town, opened a small Chinese restaurant. General

"in the restaurant business. I was too young then missed a lot of things proud and arrogant. Remember that one time, a guest said, you this dish fried old, next time how to fry. Although I should be on the mouth, but the heart is not convinced, I think I learned this, this dish should be fried." Chen Zhiqiang said.

2006, 21 year old Chen Ziqiang once again become a migrant worker from the boss. However, compared to the original Houchu coolie, he has served as chef, chef of this kind of duty. Chinese food, dry pot, pot of cold fish, Hot pot…… He did it all, and by the time he was 29, Chen Zhiqiang was a little scared.

2014 at the end of 7, Chen Zhiqiang decided to open a Hot pot shop.