is the shop to do business, selling goods, will inevitably have a commercial stock of the situation. In short, shop management, there will inevitably be goods out of stock of the situation. Out of stock, not only bring the commodity revolving problems for businesses, it will cause the cost of stock, which is due to insufficient stock to businesses, the economic losses caused by the delay in shipment and the loss of credibility loss of sales opportunities lost, unable to meet consumer demand.

face temporarily out of stock situations, some businesses do not pay enough attention, let "absolutely empty shelves", stock merchandise price tag is not timely removed or reversed, so that consumers uninformed, caused some misunderstanding. While most responsible businesses tend to use a stock that card to explain, the content is roughly: This product is temporarily out of stock, please understand. This shows that although make consumers aware of goods out of stock, but also lost a part of customers.

retail customer friend, if your store also appeared this kind of situation, how do you do? How to retain customers in the goods temporarily out of stock situations? Here I have a small idea to you –

one day not long ago, I went to a shop, who knows the desired goods shelves empty, obviously is out of stock. Is a little disappointed to turn away, and saw a stock note cards, could not help but have a little surprise. That is out of stock on the card reads: "hot promotions in stock merchandise can be sent straight home! Oh, pro!" Eye-catching characters, slightly nifty and lovely font, and finally a big smiley face, bring a kind of warm feeling, especially the "straight home" and "shipping" very dramatic and exciting.

originally wanted to leave the store immediately thought to dispel, although temporarily didn’t want to buy goods, but the owner and service with steep. Because not the emergency goods, with the flagship store to the general delivery time, appointment delivery service. Then, with a pleasant mood in the store around, and found that the store is quite different types of goods, store environment is also good, unknowingly bought a number of other goods.

open the door to do business, the more common goods temporarily out of stock. There is a lack of goods, but the store’s service can not be missing, but should find a way to make up for. For example, give a warm explain card, timely transfers, prepare more alternative goods, regular inventory of inventory early purchase, etc., are feasible measures.

now many shopkeepers see the goods out of stock, just waiting for the early arrival of goods, but does not explain what customers do, however, such services may put a lot of customers are lost. In fact, as you certainly do not want to see the store’s own store selling products out of stock, so don’t wait until the fire.