smartphone is actually like a small computer, nature also need to install a variety of browsers. And this is really a big hole in the mobile browser. Literally have to search a few hundred, then what browser is easy to use? Which is the best mobile browser? Today, I recommend to you a good use of mobile phone browser ten brands list.

good use of the mobile phone browser ten brands list: NO.1 Wyatt browser

first recommended a low-end machine must browse artifact – Wyatt browser, enough small portable enough. Only a few hundred K! Do you have the feeling of returning to the Symbian era mobile software? The disadvantage is that individual web pages will occasionally appear garbled 1

easy to use mobile browser ten brands list NO.2:UC browser

second no other, resolutely recommend UC, in the era of intelligence is still strong artifact, the history is long enough, there are several people in the era of NOKIA has not used? Applicable to all types of mobile phones. Now it’s updated. Cloud synchronization, intelligent typesetting and other functions.

is determined to be a new version of reckless instability sometimes flash back, and the software is too large low-end machine is best not to use, the low-end machine can be under the old version of UC7.0

easy to use mobile browser ten brands list NO.3:QQ browser

recommend QQ browser bar! Many people with QQ approximation. Mobile phone QQ and its disgusting restrictions, in the QQ elevation to see if the space is not a dynamic QQ browser can not be opened, so I also use QQ browser. But the interface is fresh, simple operation. Moreover, Baidu is the default to add to the home page, very convenient.

but the new version may be unstable, the software is relatively large, low-end machines sometimes card.

easy to use mobile browser ten brands list NO.4:360 browser

360 also went to the browser was forced to insert a foot, before the version is not used, and really do not use all kinds of inconvenience, but also the card does not work, but also flash back. The new version is OK, but a little memory. He is not too optimistic on the whole.

easy to use mobile browser ten brands list NO.5: Maxthon browser

how to say, is also an old goods. After the update is not a generation generation. Flash yes, the layout is not very good, the speed of the general, occasionally flash back, some of the contents of the home page can not be replaced. Not recommended for new users.