in the major cities of Beijing, people see a variety of parking chaos phenomenon, to bring great inconvenience to people. For the phenomenon of chaos, we need to develop management regulations. This will be the first in Beijing to rise to the local regulations of the parking management approach. In the draft manuscript, which defines the illegal parking of vehicles and penalties double punishment system.

at the beginning of last year, the Beijing traffic control department in some of the key streets of the addition of a stop sign. As a result, in accordance with the regulations, there is a clear stop stop in the area of the parking lot will be fined 200 yuan, while keeping a record of 3 points, some drivers can be able to stop the money behavior, will be curbed. According to the Traffic Management Bureau insiders said, in the city main roads, hospitals, shopping malls, roadside stations surrounding no parking area, basically have no parking sign.

Beijing parking for the phenomenon of the need for scientific management, hoping to attract the attention of major owners. Beijing for the illegal parking management mode of the continuation of the last century, in 50s the formation of fine mode, but with the development of economy and society, some people are more sensitive to a fine low, this has also formed a part of people willing to take a risk to parking checked.