follow the development of China’s food and beverage industry, many people are very interested in food and beverage franchise project, choose Chinese restaurant chain is a lot of people’s dream, let us know more about the content. Look forward to your attention.

The recipe

many restaurant always reflect a customer: how today dish taste and the last is not the same? Is not for chefs? Or this dish how salty or not add ginger and garlic…… This is the performance of food quality instability. So, in addition to changing the quality of dishes caused by the chef, the reasons for the instability of food quality and what?

A, poor material, it is difficult to make a good product

to a delicious meal, the first meters better, to make good food, material is very important. No matter how high your cooking, face rough rice, fast stale meat, fast yellow vegetables, poor quality oil, I also incapable of action. Of course, it is easy to produce the error is that the material is the procurement of things, I am only responsible for production, so the material is not responsible for. But for the chef, the handling of raw materials or to look carefully, if the material does not meet their requirements, must be returned to the procurement.

two, not in accordance with the standards of production, production will be more bad

if not according to certain standard salt, how will the vegetables taste? Who knows, if not according to the standard of cooking time, or cooked, or burnt; if more stew, according to the different time standards for fire adjustment, otherwise it is impossible to ensure food quality. Although cooking skilled, these standards have been learned by heart, does not need to be the standard book hanging on the wall, but for the novice, it is necessary to seriously study the production standards, in strict accordance with the process, to develop good habits in strict accordance with the standard operation "is particularly important.

Do not pay attention to

four, link error, often produced rework, have a problem

if recommended in the cooking process