pet has attracted more and more attention to the family in the current market, it has become a very important member in many families, because of this, there will be a lot of entrepreneurs who want to open a pet shop. However, this article is not a small pet shop, but a Pet Detective shop. So, how about a Pet Detective shop?

, who works as a nurse at a pet hospital in France, is very close to pets. Daily training golden retriever "gained" "hunting food" and "somersault", "" Baoquan "became her spare time best pastime.

, a colleague of Marie’s son, the dog was missing, Su Yan took the children rush past, missing out the dog through the clothes and used for lunch boxes, a tiger sniffing, then patted its head to the "dog" issued. After several searches, I finally found it in a narrow driveway. On the second day, Marie was pleased to put an envelope containing 500 euros on the desk, said: "please do not refuse, so I will feel comfortable."

looked at the envelope, Su Yan not the origin of inspiration: now the family pet are numerous, in fact, because the vast majority of small animal is lost because of courtship, if you do not grasp the physiological law, timely injection of hormone, they will be on tenterhooks to estrus, easily lost. How about a Pet Detective shop? If I help you find the lost and nothing special pet, it makes many people regain the joy of life!

she sent the printed ads to the pet supermarket, pet hospital and other places, and posted on the major pet website to promote their own fresh business, set up a Pet Detective company.

open a Pet Detective shop? Opening of the first month, to help more than 10 owners back to the pet, the fastest one day, the slowest for more than a week, the success rate of up to 75%. Sue wants to set up a "pet supplies supermarket" and "pet claim center", will not look back those lost pets, foster care, in the "claim center" once its owner to receive, you can also charge a pet "to its origin owner, on behalf of" living expenses during use.

such business opportunities may be a lot of people do not think at all, but with the increasing importance of pets in our lives, such business opportunities are also facing a better development. So, if venture capital, might as well open a Pet Detective shop.