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now eat ice cream is no longer a season, in which season now have to eat ice cream, a lot of people are thinking of opening an ice cream shop, but looking around the store, some of the business is very good, some are only a few customers worry about their future is not good business. In fact, open an ice cream shop, not only need to have a delicious ice cream, store decoration, if there is a skill. Here to give you an introduction, ice cream store decoration what skills.

ice cream store decoration what skills? Now the market for the sale of ice cream for two categories: soft ice cream, hard ice cream, soft ice cream is the main consumer. It consists of Italian ice cream, ice cream, German American style ice cream list. Each style of ice cream in addition to the name of the different ingredients are different, people feel after eating is also different, so the operator must be consistent with the decoration of the store’s sales of its products.

ice cream store decoration what skills? Ice cream sales division: according to taste American ice cream, ice cream shop decoration should be free and unrestrained style, make one person the feeling of nature, is the key to blue or green collocation of natural scenery pictures, lighting must be bright, desks and chairs for the bright metal products.

ice cream store decoration what skills? Gelato is to give a person a kind of romantic feeling, let a person feel warm, with warm color tone, light yellow, pink, blue plastic chairs for business; at the ice cream, the decoration to grave and not lose the taste for leisure, which is more suitable for some business people to rest. A dark pattern as the background, tables and chairs must be dark wood products.

ice cream store decoration what skills? According to the ice cream shop in the region: the campus near the ice cream shop decoration can be a few popular cartoon design; in the business district of the ice cream shop can be decorated in German style. Usually the county level city ice cream shop decoration as long as bright, clean.

ice cream store decoration what skills? City’s ice cream shop decoration is mainly decided by the variety of business; the capital city (municipality) ice cream shop decoration is determined by the operation of the site, such as commercial street ice cream shop decoration gives people a feeling of light and bright, can play a role in alleviating fatigue.

to do business there are many unknown factors in waiting for you, the key is to be able to have a good mentality, in the decoration of the time also need a lot of attention, the face shop business is good or bad also have a great impact, the decoration is good, it is also a great attraction to customers. If you do not know how to decorate the ice cream shop, you can refer to the above introduction, so for your store business, will have an impact.

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