10 month 24 days, the province’s political and legal system, law enforcement standardized construction activities will be held to promote the meeting, through on-site observation, the exchange of learning activities in the primary law enforcement unit in good practice and experience, review the progress of activities, arrangements for the next step. Provincial Party committee member, committee secretary Wang Xiaoyong speech, vice governor Han Jianhua chaired, President of the Qinghai Provincial Higher People’s Court of directors attended the open military.

the meeting pointed out that since the campaign, all localities and departments attach great importance to a clear direction and effective measures, solid work, do a good job in the organization promoting exertion, in focus characteristics of hard, hard in strengthening education and training, in a typical demonstration and guidance on using physical force, in the in-depth investigation on the activities of a good start, effectiveness previews.

meeting stressed that through a comprehensive inspection of the activities of the inspection, summed up the results achieved, but also found a problem. All levels of the Party committee and the judicial organs should be based on a rational and objective look at the results, analysis of the situation, pay more attention to deepen understanding, to resolve outstanding problems and innovative ways, to strengthen supervision and inspection, adhere to the problem oriented, focus on building up the law enforcement standardization problems, shortcomings and weaknesses.

meeting the requirements of law enforcement authorities at all levels should adhere to the current and long-term perspective based on the combination of breakthroughs and overall promote the combination of hardware construction and software promotion combination, strengthen grassroots propaganda and guidance combined efforts to enhance the overall level of the construction of law enforcement standardization.

part of the grassroots political and Legal Committee and the political and legal organs to make a speech.