charity law promulgated, will become the charity of the accelerator." The morning of March 10th, a member of the CPPCC National Committee discussion charity law draft, chairman Ma Hucheng’s remarks sparked heated discussions with members of the group, but also reflects the concern of the whole society and look forward to the "pregnancy", ten years of law.

We have been involved in charitable activities,

"as the first basic and comprehensive construction Chinese charity law, the main system of charity law charity the basic legal system, including the concept of charity, charity, charity policy, charity law is bound to promote the development of our national charity, to a a positive guiding role, will also further regulate our charity." CPPCC National Committee chrysanthemum red flowers excitedly said.

charity law promulgated, is conducive to the promotion of the Chinese nation’s outstanding cultural traditions, cultivate and practice the socialist core values, so that good deeds charity wide world. I believe that through the review and implementation of the draft law of charity, to better improve the charity awareness of the whole society, so that more people to participate in charity." National People’s Congress Nimazo Mar has more expectations for charity law.

"honed" 11 years, is about to unveil the charity law, in more than a decade of time, how many across the gully?

"as far as I know, the Ministry of civil affairs to led the drafting of charity law, as early as 2005 through several drafts, by the end of 2008 had to submit the draft legislative affairs office of the state council. But this time by the government system to start the process of the legislative attempt, as the community failed to reach consensus, failed to successfully submit the NPC Standing committee." National People’s Congress Nolde said.

"for charitable organizations, charitable activities further standardized, so that they operate under the legal framework of the proposal, a long time. As early as 2008, many NPC deputies and CPPCC members in the form of proposals, proposals and panel discussions, as soon as possible the introduction of charity law drum and call." Has participated in the three national two sessions, Ma Hucheng recalled.

in such a big background, the introduction of such a charitable act to further regulate charitable behavior, it is imperative. Finally, in October 30, 2013 the twelve session of the NPC Standing Committee announced the five annual legislative plan, charity Tagmemic first class project, the charity legislation work once again usher in turn, after this, known as "open legislation" model of People’s Republic of China "charity law" legislation "once speed" in October 2015 and December respectively, draft the two to the Twelfth National People’s Congress Standing Committee, and decided to submit the twelfth session of the Fourth National People’s Congress meeting.

"charity law draft collected from all walks of life after the proposal, the program specification charity law purpose, organization, operation and related legal liability, with the nine chapter one hundred and twelve of the length of it one by one specified." Ma Hucheng members said that from the development process of national philanthropy, you can;