now society, business people have become more and more, at the same time, there are a lot of people in the early time, often choose to shop in such a way, but in the process of people ready to shop, you should first select a suitable address.

1, according to local conditions to choose the industry

2, the surrounding people need to know the purchasing power of

start to join the size and quality of shop shops surrounding the purchasing power of the population, determines the basic value of the shops. Of course, in those areas with strong purchasing power, the high value of shops, you get the cost of return on investment is relatively high.

3, the clever use of the "Like attracts like."

management departments and not on a street, a market management regulations, but in the long run, a street or a region, is likely to spontaneously form concentrated market sales of certain commodities "".

4, independent facade

5, a roadside store can choose

If entrepreneurship Side shop shops located in a road, has the way back and forth on the two directions of the passenger flow, the street shops, the value is not low.

6, the flow is very important

7, the surrounding traffic to facilitate

In fact, in the process of


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