, Street Office Park Lane Community victory road of Xining city was named the national advanced unit of mass sports, Qiaotou town, Chengzhong District, South Beach Community and Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County People’s road, the community was named the national community fitness club. These are reflected in the province’s community mass sports development trend.

December 9th, victory road in Park Lane Community Neighborhood Committee Director Wang Hong is responsible for the thunder marine consult to hold a larger scale and the area of old team croquet game. Out of the window, several players are croquet exercises. Lei Haisheng said that the old team was established in 1986, the team from Tongren Road, etc.. Previously, only in some units or croquet Association competition, in recent years, many communities in Xining city are held sports competitions. They are often invited to attend. "In recent years, the development of community sports in Xining is very good, we can fitness at home."

According to Wang Hong

, a few years ago, the neighborhood through various forms of exercise, earnest to carry out community sports activities. These activities and initiatives are gradually moving to the community of people who love sports, so as to better carry out community services and community building.

The style of

West District Bureau of social development often Lining responsible person said, the government and relevant departments are increasing year by year to the community sports investment, not only provide funding and support personnel, most of the time, but also to help think of ways, ideas, the community sports get more red fire.

Yuan Xufeng, director of the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau, said the group, through the joint efforts of all levels of sports departments, at present, Xining has 1263 fitness venues, 103 fitness path. For the scientific guidance of fitness, sports authorities are also increasing the training of social sports instructors. At present, Xining city has more than one thousand social sports instructors in the 159 fitness counseling site (activity point) to teach the public fitness.