10 1, after nearly a year of intense construction, a total length of 72.755 km, with a total investment of $1 billion 20 million to open the highway to the Qilian provincial highway. It was opened to traffic, the development of comprehensive transportation system in western province of coordination, has very important significance to Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Tourism Resources development.

Bauer Qi highway is located in Qilian County in Haibei Prefecture, is horizontal layout scheme of Qinghai highway network planning six vertical and nine horizontal, twenty in part, but also the original highway 304 line upgrade renovation project. The starting point of the line in the town of Qilian, with the national highway 227 and the proposed Zhangye to Henan Expressway convergence; the end of the Qilian County, with the provincial highway 204 line and the planning of the highway to the convergence. Among them, the main line of 67.098 km, the city’s municipal road section of 2.8285 km, the design speed of 60 km per hour.

the project since January 2014 since the start, the construction units to build "eco road", "environmental protection" as the goal, take back the turf planting, environmental protection, vegetation grass blanket three-dimensional structure of flexible eco protective measures of highway slope greening, green line invested a total of 80 million yuan of funds to complete the greening area of 1 million 600 thousand square meters, the road along with the rivers, grassland and forest harmony, achieves the organic integration of the natural landscape and landscape reconstruction.

it is understood that the highway in the construction of the importance of new technologies, new processes, new materials to promote the application of. As in the subgrade and pavement, concrete ditches and concrete curb construction, the introduction of Germany imported concrete construction of slipform construction technology, not only to ensure the quality of concrete, and the linear gutter curb more smooth appearance, but also reduce the project cost, improve the efficiency and quality of the project.