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Set your own path’

first_imgEditor’s note: This is the third and final installment of a three-part series about Terrance Rogers, a 1979 Notre Dame graduate who has returned as a graduate student with the goal of winning Bengal Bouts. Terry Rogers has taken a trip back in time, as a 1979 alumnus who is now a Notre Dame student again, and plenty has changed in 31 years. “In a way, it’s like I’m going back in time, carrying back with me the knowledge I’ve gained since that time,” Rogers said. He said some things have changed substantially since the 1970s, such as press coverage of the Bengal Bouts tournament. With more athletic events to cover, local media no longer devotes as much press to the event. “Then, the South Bend Tribune covered the Bengal Bouts extensively. A reporter named Barry Miller used to write us all up. He knew all our nicknames,” he said. “The town would get really into it, the football players would be boxing each other and the crowd would go wild. “It was the heyday of tournament attendance.” Rogers’ boxing description emerged from the three years he spent at West Point before transferring to Notre Dame. “The South Bend Tribune billed me as the boxer from West Point, which seemed to have some sort of mystique or aura about it,” Rogers said. As Rogers prepares to re-enter the boxing ring, he will meet some familiar faces. Terry Johnson, a volunteer coach and official for the Bengal Bouts, has held that post since before Rogers made his first Bengal Bouts attempt — and Johnson says today’s undergraduates will benefit from having Rogers spar with them. “Since the day I met Terry, he’s been a great competitor, and more than that, he’s been a great sportsman. Anyone who’s faced Terry in the ring will tell you that,” Johnson said. “He’ll knock you down the hardest, but he’ll be the first to pick you back up again.” Nonetheless, Johnson said Rogers’ health, as a 55-year-old boxer, will need to cooperate. “Obviously, safety is our priority,” Johnson said, “If he’s allowed to box, he’ll be the oldest boxer ever to compete in the Bengal Bouts.” But Rogers wasn’t too worried about his eligibility to participate. “I’m probably in better shape overall now than when I was as a student here,” he said. As Rogers has changed, so has life as a Notre Dame student — and Rogers noticed some improvements. “The most obvious change is that this place is now 50 percent women. When I was here it was probably about 20 percent,” Rogers said. “Notre Dame guys don’t know how lucky they are.” Another positive change, Rogers said, is the increased cultural diversity. “I’ve noticed so many different ethnicities and nationalities here,” Rogers said. “Just like having women here, it’s made the University much stronger from a cultural and learning standpoint.” Although Rogers is now studying in a completely different field than he did in his undergraduate days, he said students today are more accomplished. Rogers said the application pool to be admitted into a Notre Dame graduate program was competitive, and he was rejected 11 times. “After 11 rejections, it doesn’t take an Einstein to see that this is a more accomplished crowd,” he said. Students may also have had more fun back in the day, Rogers said. Many students went out to the Four Corners bars every night and drove up to Michigan on Sundays. Rogers recalled one bar called “The Library.” “They could say, ‘I spent every night at The Library,’ and be truthful, sort of,” he said. While some changes have been beneficial for the University, Rogers said football is another matter. “Certain realities have tempered the students’ expectations,” Rogers said. “When I was an undergraduate, a national championship was considered a birthright.” While Rogers can’t do anything to fix the football program, he can prepare himself to win the Bengal Bouts, which means a rigorous schedule of training of at least an hour every day. After all, Rogers is not just fighting for himself, but to inspire other men over 40 and to raise money for the Holy Cross missions. With his wife’s support, Rogers plans to make his fourth attempt at winning Bengal Bouts a success. “My wife said to me, ‘I’m coming out to watch you fight and I’m not coming out to watch you lose,’” Rogers said. And he doesn’t plan to lose. But he does hope his story can be an inspiration to others. “If you believe in yourself and you have reasons to, you don’t have to follow the path of the herd,” Rogers said. “Set your own path and the herd can follow you. “That’s why I’m here.”last_img read more

ND ranks as “dream school”

first_imgMarch saw Notre Dame rising in another set of rankings, as the Princeton Review survey “College Hopes and Worries” listed the University as parents’ No. 4 “dream college” for their children, up from No. 9 in 2011. Notre Dame was ranked behind Stanford University, Princeton University and Harvard University. According to the Princeton Review’s website, “dream colleges” are schools that parents wish they were sending their children to if cost and admission were not contributing factors. A separate ranking listed the top ten dream colleges for students. Bob Mundy, director of admissions, said the ranking speaks to the positive perception of Notre Dame nationwide. “If you can step back and think about it as a parent might, I think it provides a nicely illustrative view of Notre Dame,” Mundy said. “Parents want great things for their children, and I think this is a statement that they see Notre Dame as a unique combination of education of the mind and heart.” While some other universities were chosen as dream colleges for both parents and students, Notre Dame did not make the student list. “There is definitely a difference between the student and parent perspectives,” Mundy said. “They’re looking for some of the same things, but not all, so naturally different factors come into play.” Mundy said he believes the ranking demonstrates this disparity in goals. “Parents really see college as a time to grow intellectually, socially and spiritually, and in this case, it means that they see Notre Dame as an ideal place for this.” University Spokesman Dennis Brown said the administration was pleased about the ranking. “We believe Notre Dame is among the nation’s best in providing an extraordinary undergraduate experience, and we’re pleased that parents who engaged in this survey have recognized as much,” Brown said. He said, however, the University does not allow such rankings to carry much weight. “While we recognize that the various college surveys and rankings serve a useful function for some prospective students and their parents, we have joined with others for 20 years in expressing our reservations about their various methodologies,” Brown said. Mundy said he believes rankings like this could potentially affect future applicant pools. “It might help more in the early stages of the application process,” he said. “If Notre Dame is on the parents’ radar and that helps get us on the student radar, that’s a good thing.” Parents’ influence over their children is an important component of academic recruiting, Mundy said. “Once we can get on students’ radar, we can pretty much do the rest,” he said.   Mundy said the rankings, though positive, would not affect University policy in the short or long term. “Rankings give a global view of our institution,” he said. “They don’t necessarily affect our internal policy. This is certainly a very positive affirmation for us, though.”last_img read more

Mascoma Savings Bank receives ‘Outstanding’ CRA evaluation

first_imgMascoma Savings Bank, FSB,Mascoma Savings Bank recently received its Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Performance Evaluation from the Office of the Thrift Supervision (OTS).  The Bank received an overall rating of ‘Outstanding’, which is the highest rating possible.  This rating is awarded to less than 8% of banks nationwide.The federal Community Reinvestment Act requires banks to meet the credit needs of the communities they serve, including low-to-moderate income households. In evaluating Mascoma Savings Bank’s performance, the OTS noted that the Bank’s lending to low-to-moderate income households substantially exceeds that of other regulated institutions in its assessment area.   Additionally, the Bank’s commitment to small business lending is strong and substantially exceeds that of other regulated institutions in its assessment area.  Also, the OTS recognized Mascoma Savings Bank for being proactive in providing community development services, often taking a leadership role in developing and establishing organizations that provide services to low-to-moderate income individuals and families.‘We are proud of our ‘Outstanding’ CRA rating.  This rating recognizes the Bank’s commitment to meeting the credit needs of businesses and families in our community’ said Ken Wells, Senior Vice President, Retail Lending and CRA Officer.Mascoma Savings Bank is a mutually owned Bank established in 1899.  With 18 locations throughout the Upper Valley and Lake Sunapee Region, we are mutually owned and not for sale.  With no shareholders to please, we are committed to remaining independent and to re-investing profits in our community.    Soruce: Mascomalast_img read more


first_imgGragtmans goes solo.I rarely paddle alone anymore.  I used to do it all the time when I was younger, but the idea of my own mortality is much more present now in the way that I approach moving water.  I know that there is zero margin for error when I am out there solo.On this particular day, however, I find myself at the top of a snow-dusted class V creek all alone.  I got here through a series of reasonable decisions, but now I am staring at the vapor of my breath in front of me, and trying to decide what to do.  Should I wait for my friends who I’ve been trying to catch on the 3.5 mile hike up this river?  They may be upstream or may have already passed me on their run back down to the cars.  There was a miscommunication and another group didn’t want to run this section… but I still wanted to go kayaking.Big Creek is a familiar run, but it is running at a high level of 3.4, and I don’t know the current wood situation downstream.  One misplaced log that has fallen into the river can mean the end of a paddler’s life.  I calmly go through a stretching routine and take a look around at the beauty of my surroundings.  I have gained about 700 feet during my hike, and due to that elevation change, the scenery has gone from mostly dry to about two inches of snow covering the landscape.After about 20 minutes passes, some of the warmth is being sucked from my core by the still winter evening air.  It’s time to do something.  I put my GoPro on my bow and seal myself into my boat.  Daylight is slowly fading.The first rapid is a big one, and knocks off the cobwebs from my time out of the boat over the past little while.  The water is cold, but feels incredible as my boat skips through the curlers like moguls.  My hip flexors and obliques warm up with the effort, and I stop in the next eddy to do one final stretch.  I also take a big gulp of freezing cold water from one of the side streams.  A funny image jumps into my head of Indian Jones drinking from the holy grail.When I hit the current after that, I know that the next 30 minutes of my life are going to be incredible.  This is one of my all-time favorite creeks, and it is running at an excellent level.  Plenty of padding exists over the smooth Smoky Mountain boulders, and I’m on a magic carpet ride that the Earth has created for a few lucky people.  I skip and charge through holes, over drops, and from one side of the river to the other.  The muscle memory is there from previous runs, and I just need to time it properly.I keep expecting to see others hiking up the trail, but it appears as though I am the last soul on the river today.  Surely the masses will show up tomorrow morning as the water drops to a more popular level.As I pull into the eddy above the biggest rapid, I sit for a second and gather my thoughts.  A new piece of wood peers up from the first drop and spooks me a bit.  I walk around this first five foot ledge and put in below.  There is no one to talk with about decisions.  That process must occur by utilizing the various voices inside my head that present different scenarios.  Zero margin for error; conservative is best.  I put in and run the last 2/3 of the rapid, which is amazing!  I give a loud yip, but there is no one there to celebrate with, so I just continue grinning and paddle downstream. Rapid after rapid blur by, and I never look back… there is no need to.  I am one person in charge of my own destiny.Life is so simple… river and rocks.  My only job is to find where to go.  My brain is still on high alert for stray wood, but I have endorphins dripping from my pores.  There is nothing quite like being in the woods alone and using all of your senses to take in what’s around you.I round the last corner to the takeout, and smile again at what I have just experienced.  I must be the luckiest person on the face of the planet.Author’s Note:  Solo kayaking is without a doubt not a wise decision, and I am not recommending it.  It is always best to have friends around you to share the experience with, and to assist in the event of an emergency.  I have only soloed creeks that I have done many times, and I don’t go out with the intention of soloing anymore.  Make good decisions, and enjoy however you choose to experience the river.last_img read more

Last Sandy Dog Bruno Leaves Nassau Pet Shelter

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Last Hurricane Sandy dog, Bruno, greets the media before leaving for Westchester.Four months had passed and all but one displaced animal at an emergency Nassau County pet shelter had been released when a group of dedicated volunteers campaigned to find the dog a permanent home.They were intent on living out a promise made to the animals when Hurricane Sandy slammed Long Island and turned their owners’ lives upside down. The pact: leave no animal behind.In a bitter sweet celebration Saturday highlighted by the Rottweiler’s happy farewell from the shelter, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano thanked all volunteers for their spirit, dedication and steadfast commitment to care for each and every animal that walked through the doors of the abandoned gymnasium at Mitchel Field in Garden City—even the turtles, rabbits, parrots and Betta Fish.Nassau County “kept the shelter open to ease the stresses” for owners impacted by Sandy, Mangano said inside the makeshift shelter, which housed its last guest, Bruno, for the final time Friday night. Bruno is headed to a Northwind Kennels, a rescue organization in Bedford, which will keep him comfortable as they vet potential families that could adopt him.Bruno with Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano.All that remained at the shelter Saturday were disassembled metal crates, more than a dozen wooden pallets holding pet food, water and other necessities, and a brick wall festooned with photos of the some of the 55 cats and dogs adopted or released to their owners or foster home. In total, 515 pets were sheltered at the gymnasium during and after Sandy. The remaining pets returned to their owners.Eventually, the celebration became all about Bruno as members of the press were finally able to meet the 7-year-old dog for the first time, albeit at a safe distance as not to stress out the pup.“He’s been so traumatized from being ripped away from his life,” Nassau County SPCA spokesman Gary Rogers said of Bruno, who was displaced when he and his owner were left homeless by the Oct. 29 superstorm. The Rottweiler’s owner, Christopher, lost his job and has been unable to find work since.The pair finally split up recently when the owner told volunteers that he had to think about what’s best for the dog and “not myself,” according to Rogers.Their relationship ended with a tearful goodbye, Rogers said, with Christopher on the floor crying with Bruno.Bruno’s story took on a life of its own after the Nassau County SPCA sent out a news release pleading for another group to help find him a home. Rogers estimates that the SPCA has received more than a thousand inquiries about Bruno through phone calls and emails, including one such inquiry from a local soldier serving in Afghanistan.“Bruno has reached new heights,” Mangano said.That Bruno and other pets were allowed to live in the shelter for as long as they did was a credit to Nassau County, volunteers said, because pet shelters rarely remain open beyond several weeks following an emergency.Rogers said he’s never witnessed 100 percent of pets find a home following an emergency and noted that the shelter took in animals from Suffolk County and New York City after they closed their respective pet shelters after a few weeks.“That put an added burden here,” he said.Mangano thanked the SPCA, Wantagh-based Pet Safe Coalition, HUG and county employees that volunteered their time during the four months the shelter was open.All that’s left is finding Bruno a permanent home.“I think we’re going to try and keep him in Nassau County,” Mangano said.last_img read more

6 steps to build an analytics-empowered alerts strategy

first_imgby: Nate WentzlaffThe amount of activities occurring at a credit union every day can be intimidating when building data-driven solutions.  With complex business processes and tasks requiring manual intervention, credit unions are hesitant in utilizing analytics software to improve decision-making.  In order to effectively leverage analytics insights, they must implement alerts tools.  Alerts are a common feature in consumer technology.  Notifications on social media websites, texting, emails and online news are just a few of the examples of alerts that are controlling our everyday actions.  Utilizing analytics-enabled alerts in the business setting, executive management will be able to build an alerts strategy to delegate tasks throughout the credit union.Step 1) Business StrategyIt all begins with the business strategy.  In order for an alerts solution to be effective, credit unions must have an analytics (data-driven) business strategy.  The executive team must develop and solidify a clear analytics strategy and communicate it to the entire organization.  Establishing certain KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and establishing specific goals for each one will be the foundation for an effective alerts strategy.Step 2) Tactical Alerts PlanningOnce the executive team has established a high-level strategy and delegated responsibilities to middle management, managers must define specific metrics for their respective teams.  It is also the managers’ responsibility to assign custom alerts to each employee according to their role. continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

How much capital is enough?

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr This is placeholder text continue reading » This post is currently collecting data… Adam Johnson When determining your optimal net-worth ratio, aim for the “roughly right” amount, says Adam Johnson, CEO/principal at c. myers corp.“There’s no one right amount for everyone,” says Johnson, who addressed the CUNA Finance Council Virtual Conference Collection.Achieving the right capital level is becoming “a bigger balancing act” between the need to build or conserve net worth versus using capital to deploy initiatives that may lead to long-term growth, he says.Many credit unions struggle to grow capital due to increased deposits, lower earnings, greater demands for capital, and the need to meet rising consumer expectations and operate in a highly competitive environment, Johnson says.last_img read more

Chicken poop, brick wall at center of neighbors’ quarrel in East Java

first_imgWisnu Widodo, 48, has had difficulties entering and exiting his own house in Gandukepuh village in Ponorogo regency, East Java, since 2017 because the only access point has been blocked by a 1-meter high wall built by his neighbors, couple Mistun and Edy, as part of a drawn-out quarrel that has involved chicken droppings and legal proceedings.Gandukepuh village head Suroso said the dispute began in 2016 when Mistun became increasingly annoyed at often accidentally stepping on the droppings left by the chickens that roamed Wisnu’s front yard.“Mistun and her husband Edy sometimes stepped on chicken poop when passing Wisnu’s house. That motivated them to put up a wall,” Suroso said, as quoted by on Saturday. Wisnu has since had to put a chair in front of the wall so he can climb over.“Yes, it’s difficult to enter my house,” he said.Read also: Neighbors look after one another to combat COVID-19 in Central JavaWisnu took his neighbors to court after the village authorities failed to mediate between both parties. The local district court ruled in favor of Wisnu and ordered Mistun and Edy to tear down the wall as it was obstructing Wisnu. The Gandukepuh village administration also stated that the wall had been built on village land not private land.However, Mistun reportedly insisted that the wall had been built on her land, Suroso added.“When I gave the court letter [to Mistun], I heard that she wanted to file an appeal to the court,” he said. (aly)Topics :last_img read more

David Luiz pulls out of Chelsea training to force through Arsenal transfer move

first_imgChelsea star David Luiz has decided he wants to join Arsenal this summer (Picture: Getty)David Luiz has refused to train with Chelsea’s first-team as he looks to push through a controversial move to Arsenal before Thursday’s transfer deadline.The 32-year-old defender has made 105 appearances in his second spell at Stamford Bridge since returning from Paris Saint-Germain in 2016, but is keen to swap west London for north London ahead of the new season.According to L’Equipe, Luiz has been in advanced talks to leave Chelsea and it’s understood the Brazilian’s departure has become a real possibility in the last few hours.The report claims that Arsenal have submitted a ‘firm offer’ for Luiz and the experienced centre-back has refused to show up at Chelsea’s Cobham training base as the club attempt to block his exit.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTMore: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityLuiz only signed a new two-year contract with the Blues in May and was reportedly upset with Chelsea’s handling of Maurizio Sarri, a manager he greatly enjoyed working under.Arsenal begrudgingly allowed Laurent Koscielny to join Bordeaux earlier this week and Luiz is being viewed as a possible replacement for the France international.Kia Joorabchian, Luiz’s agent, recently helped install Edu as Arsenal’s technical director and could oversee the Brazil’s international’s move to the Emirates. Advertisement Comment David Luiz pulls out of Chelsea training to force through Arsenal transfer move Luiz is looking to force his way out of Chelsea (Picture: Getty)Last month, Luiz claimed he had been impressed by Frank Lampard’s start since his former team-mates took over the reins from Sarri at Stamford Bridge.‘It’s great to see him here,’ Luiz told Chelsea’s official website.‘He’s someone who knows what it means to be at Chelsea and understands the DNA of this club. We are working well so far, everyone is getting along and the sessions have been great.‘Lamps, or should I say “Gaffer”, is now our leader and he’s going to try to do everything he can like he did when he was a player, and now it’s up to us to help him build the spirit and the philosophy around the club to be successful.More: FootballBruno Fernandes responds to Man Utd bust-up rumours with Ole Gunnar SolskjaerNew Manchester United signing Facundo Pellistri responds to Edinson Cavani praiseArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira moves‘He was a leader as a player, so already he was trying to do his best for the team and it’s not a surprise to see him as a manager.‘In fact I think it’s great. It’s fantastic to see players who know Chelsea so well coming back to the club, particularly leaders like Lamps and Petr [Cech].AdvertisementAdvertisement‘They will be great for us, and they will continue to do their job as best as they can, just wearing a different shirt this time!’MORE: Martin Keown reveals Arsenal’s ONE advantage over top four rivals Manchester United and Chelseacenter_img Metro Sport ReporterWednesday 7 Aug 2019 3:59 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link9.7kShares Luiz and Emery worked together in Paris (Picture: Getty)Luiz played under Unai Emery for a short time at Paris Saint-Germain before returning to Chelsea and heaped praise on the Spaniard ahead of the Europa League final.‘I think he has been doing an amazing job [at Arsenal],’ Luiz told The Guardian back in May.‘I had the opportunity to work with Unai for a few months. He’s a great guy, a great coach, a great person. He’s passionate. He loves his work.‘He likes to build teams who are spirited, play with passion and you can see that. He has had the opportunity to work with a lot of young players and I think they have understood his philosophy.’ Advertisementlast_img read more

UK roundup: Aon Minet Pension Scheme, PIC, Aon Hewitt

first_imgRobert Dickinson, chair of trustees to the scheme, said the £210m deal was the next stage in the scheme’s de-risking plan.“I am delighted that, despite the turbulence in the markets during the past few weeks, we were able to move ahead with the transaction,” he said.PIC actuary Uzma Nazir added: “The Aon Minet scheme trustees have taken further steps to de-risk. “Doing this in tranches, rather than waiting until full buyout funding is achieved, is becoming an increasingly common approach.”In other news, Aon Hewitt, has urged UK pension schemes to consider the use of escrow accounts as an alternative means of funding deficits.Publishing a white paper, the advisory firm cited several “myths” over the use of escrows in pension scheme funding, hampering their use.An escrow is a temporary account used between the sponsor and pension scheme, with funds held and taken on board by the scheme (if funding falls) or retained by the sponsor (if funding improves).Lynda Whitney, partner at Aon Hewitt, said the use of escrows could be useful, particularly for companies with cash capacity but that do not want this tied up in a pension scheme, should funding improve organically.The paper sets out to dispel other common misconceptions on escrows – the accounts are used only for cash, they are disliked by The Pensions Regulator (TPR), or they are expensive, or inappropriate for schemes in deficit.“An escrow can have a role in either deficit management or the management of the risk of trapped surplus,” Whitney said. “In relation to a deficit, it can bridge the gap between trustees and sponsor viewpoints on pace or level of funding.” The Aon Minet Pension Scheme has completed its second bulk annuity insurance buy-in with Pension Insurance Corporation (PIC). The latest deal covers around £210m (€269m) of pensioner liabilities, adding to its previous £100m transaction two years’ previous.Aon Minet, an insurance brokerage company and part of the multinational Aon Corporation, and the trustees of the scheme re-selected PIC after a competitive tender process.Sister organisation Aon Hewitt led the negotiation on behalf of the scheme, with legal advice provided by Hogan Lovells.last_img read more

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