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J. Campbell Research and Education Center

first_imgResearchers looking for more sustainable ways to feed the world often find that they have to reach beyond their specific academic disciplines to the find answers. The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences’ new research farm — the J. Phil Campbell Sr. Research and Education Center in Watkinsville — is a place where researchers from multiple disciplines work on ways to make farming more sustainable. UGA took over management of what was then the J. Phil Campbell Sr. Natural Resource Conservation Center in August of 2012 after the U.S. Department of Agriculture closed the facility. Opened in 1937, the center already had a long history of research on grazing land and cattle herd management, soil protection and carbon sequestration, water quality and conservation, animal and cropping systems and integrated watershed research. CAES researchers plan to carry on that legacy, using the land to develop a better understanding of how farming activities impact the land and sharing that information with farmers. “Our goal was to rebuild the Campbell facility as a center of excellence for research, teaching, and Extension in agriculture and natural resource management,” said Harald Scherm, assistant dean for research for the college. “We want to build a synergistic team of research and Extension scientists at the facility to address critical issues related to sustainable crop and animal production systems, soil protection, and water quality and conservation.” Currently the center hosts projects on pasture management, watershed management and grass-fed cattle diets. In addition to providing the land needed for faculty to complete long-term agricultural research projects, the Campbell center will also serve as a hub for sustainable farming outreach and Extension programs — including field days, workshops and technology and technique demonstrations. The center also houses the offices of several statewide Extension specialists, including agricultural climatologist Pam Knox, John Worley, an Extension engineer who focuses on energy conservation and air quality in agriculture, Melony Wilson, an Extension animal waste specialist, and Mark Risse, who researches agricultural water resources management. Several other CAES faculty members have technical support, graduate students and multi-user laboratory or office space located at the facility. As a part of its agreement with the USDA, and as part of the college’s commitment to share best agricultural practices and most up-to-date knowledge, college faculty have launched the Piedmont Beginning Farmers Development Partnership. The program, led by CAES Sustainable Agricultural Coordinator Julia Gaskin, is providing workshops and other training opportunities for young and beginning farmers in the Southeast. Gaskin recently worked with Extension agents from across Northeast Georgia to conduct a series of sustainable farming workshops at the Campbell center. The workshops focus on organic insect and disease control, food safety on the farm, best grazing management practices and produce marketing basics. The series filled up fast with new farmers looking to learn some new techniques before the beginning of the spring. “We had more demand for the program than we had space,” Gaskin said. “We plan to hold something similar next winter.” The center provided a convenient location for Gaskin and county agents from six different counties to organize a multi-countyworkshop. The effort was led by Adam Speir from Madison County. Other Extension agents and specialists who contributed to the workshop series include: Monty Stephens, from Oconee County; Amanda Tedrow, from Clarke County; Ricky Josey, from Franklin County; Sam Ingram, from Jackson County; Bob Waldorf, from Banks County, Michael Wheeler, from Hall County and Dr. Elizabeth Little from the Department of Plant Pathology.last_img read more

Jason Collins’ Gay Announcement Met with Cheers

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Jason Collins on ‘Good Morning America.’ (Screen grab/ABC)Jason Collins’ public announcement Monday that he’s gay may open the doors for other male professional athletes to open up about their sexuality—but they may still face obstacles along the way, said one local LGBT community leader.“I do think we’ll see people more athletes coming out, I don’t think it makes it any easier necessarily, they still have to deal with a lot of the unknown so it’s still going to take a lot of courage for folks to come out,” said Long Island GLBT Service Network CEO David Kilmnick. “But I think Jason is certainly going to serve as a role model to see how liberating it is to be able to do this.”Collins, a journeyman NBA center who got his start with the then-New Jersey Nets in 2001, revealed he’s gay in a Sports Illustrated article published on the magazine’s website Monday. The news was met with applause from across the sports world and the reverberations were felt around the country, as well as in the nation’s capital.Collins, currently a free agent, is the first active athlete from any of the four major sports (NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL) to publicly come out.“I think it’s a great thing,” President Barack Obama said at a surprise White House press conference Tuesday. “And I think America should be proud that this is just one more step in this ongoing recognition that we treat everybody fairly.”Collins also received a shot of support from fellow NBA player Kobe Bryant who posted on Twitter that he was “proud” of the 11-year pro for announcing he’s gay.“Don’t suffocate who u r because of the ignorance of others,” the Los Angeles Lakers star tweeted.The next step, said Kilmnick, is not for people to recognize Collins as the “gay basketball player,” but simply just as an athlete playing the game he loves.“Hes’ a basketball player that’s gay,” Kilmnick said. “Just like Jeremy Lin wasn’t the Asian basketball player…he was a basketball player who is Asian.”Collins sat down with “Good Morning America” in his first major TV interview since the article hit the web and noted that loyalty to his teammates held him back from coming out sooner. Collins said he didn’t want to be a distraction. It’s “always been about the team,” he told GMA.“When you finally get to that point of acceptance, there’s nothing more beautiful,” he added.The seven-foot center with a 3.6 point per game career scoring average admitted that it’s “mind-boggling” that he’s the first active gay athlete to reveal his sexuality.“I never set out to be the first and obviously you’re sort of waiting around for somebody else to raise their hand and I’m ready to raise my hand but you still look around like ‘Okay, come on guys,’” he said.Kilmnick said he wasn’t surprised by the NBA veteran’s announcement, but he believes there’s plenty of work to be done before gay professional athletes are fully accepted.“He’s setting the stage for that to happen but it’s not going to happen overnight, it’s going to take years, it’s going to take a lot of work, a lot of education,” he said.last_img read more

In 2020 let’s focus on member savings!

first_imgIt is time to recognize that increasing members savings is a critical piece of putting members in better long-term financial health and that we need to put as much effort into savings levels as we do on loan production.  Are you ready to make that commitment? As we enter a new year and a new decade, it is time to reflect on the condition of our members and think about ways we can shift our focus and behaviors to improve their financial condition.  As an industry we are rightly proud of our record of providing credit to many households that traditional lenders have ignored and that predatory lenders have targeted.  But let me suggest that providing credit to those with emergency needs treats a symptom but does not deal with the underlying problem.  And that problem?  Lack of savings.  The federal reserve reports that over 50% of American households don’t have $500 in liquid funds for an emergency. Too much spending, not enough savings.Behavioral Economics teaches us to make preferred behaviors as simple, as painless, as automatic as possible. Here are some ideas that have been implemented by some of our credit union friends to focus on the savings crisis.Provide solid processes to help members set aside that emergency fund. Create a saving account that pays high interest rates on the first $500 or $1,000 in balances and market the account to members. DCU restructured their primary savings account and currently pay 6% on the first $1,000 in the account.  In addition, they help members monitor their balance and make it very easy for members to move money into basic savings to maximize their returns.  They are focused on helping all members, not just those with large balances.Be more deliberate and nuanced about the way we qualify members for loans, especially car loans. The Common Cents Lab have created a robust loan qualification calculator that takes into account a wide range of considerations and expenses.  This process provides a much better indicator of the true expense loads of a household and improves the transparency needed by member to fill comfortable about the debt that car purchase represents.Help members prepare for the total cost of owning that car. Some credit unions are now “rounding up” the monthly loan payment by $25 dollars (or more) and putting the round up amount into a savings account.  When the car needs new tires, or an oil change, or your member needs to pay the deductible on their car insurance they will have the savings to handle it and not need an emergency loan.  Consider doing this for other loan types, that house will eventually need a new roof, or the HVAC will need updating.  Help your members set aside money for those inevitable expenses.Another way to use the “round-up feature” is to round up all debit card transactions to the next full dollar amount and put that extra amount into the members savings account. These small amounts are painless in real time and have the potential to add up over the long term.Some credit unions are making one or more of these suggestions the default option for new members. Defaults are powerful behavior changers.  Our credit union partners who use this option detail the program clearly and simply and inform members that they have the option of opting out, but few do.  Members are looking to you for guidance;  a default sends a strong message about what you think is the preferred (or smart) behavior.Build a recognition and rewards program that incents your teams to help members grow their savings balances and get their spending under control. Most credit unions have programs that award loan production, so use that as a starting point.  If you want your team to think seriously about savings levels start rewarding them for those efforts. 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Rick Leander Rick Leander is Founder and Managing Partner of LFB Holdings, a behavioral insights consultancy that works with established and startup enterprises.At LFB Holdings we teach clients how to leverage … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Apple and Google could compete in health, says Prudential CEO

first_imgSearch quotes, news & videos Apple and Google could compete in health, says Prudential CEOlast_img

H5N1 flu confirmed in three Vietnamese deaths against backdrop of more suspected cases

first_imgAug 17, 2004 (CIDRAP News) – The cases of three people who died recently in Vietnam have now been confirmed by that country as being caused by the H5N1 strain, and two other patients are suspected of having the disease, according to news sources yesterday and today.One of the latest victims is a 2-year-old boy from Hau Giang province in the southern Mekong Delta. He was admitted to the hospital Saturday but is, according to an Associated Press (AP) story, in stable condition. Samples from the child are being tested at the Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City. Poultry owned by the boy’s family had died mysteriously, the story says. The other patient, a 19-year-old woman also from Hau Giang, was admitted with serious respiratory problems late last week but is also reported to be in stable condition, says an AsiaNews story. The director of the hospital admitting her is quoted as saying she has H5N1 avian influenza.As for the earlier victims, a 25-year-old woman from Hau Giang province who died Aug 6 was confirmed late last week by Vietnamese officials as having H5N1. Two children, a 4-year-old boy from northern Ha Tay province who died Aug 2 and an 11-month-old girl from the same region who died Aug 4, were confirmed as having H5N1 yesterday. The H5 subtype for all three cases had been determined last week but further testing had not been completed. The boy’s family had eaten meat from ill chickens, according to AP, and the girl’s family raised geese. These three recent deaths bring the number of fatal H5N1 cases since the beginning of the year to 27, 19 in Vietnam and 8 in Thailand.Although the World Health Organization (WHO) is in close communication with the Ministry of Health in Vietnam, the Vietnamese has not to this point allowed international experts to investigate the recent resurgence of avian flu or allowed the sending of specimens to WHO reference laboratories outside the country for further confirmation and analysis. However, Hans Troedsson, WHO representative in Vietnam, met with the Health Ministry yesterday and received tentative approval for a small group of laboratory and epidemiology specialists to participate, says an Agence France-Presse (AFP) story today. Getting samples to WHO laboratories is “vitally important,” Troedsson was quoted as saying in an AFP story yesterday. “This is not only standard practice in cases like this throughout the world but we need to know if there has been any change in the structure of the virus,” he said.No new outbreaks of avian influenza in birds have occurred in the past 15 days in Vietnam, according to a Vietnam News Agency story. The last outbreak was detected Aug 2 in quail in the Hau Giang province, says the report. About 34,000 poultry have died or been put to death since Jul 9 in Vietnam. Controlling the disease in the country is a special challenge because about 80% of the population live in the countryside, and most farmers raise poultry for food, a Reuters report says. WHO experts have stated that it will take years to eradicate H5N1 flu from the area.On other fronts, the outbreak of H5N2 avian flu in ostriches reported last week on two farms in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa is suspected to have spread to five more nearby farms, according to an AFP story today. An official of the South African Ostrich Business Chamber, which represents 600 ostrich farmers in the country, told AFP that culling of 4,000 birds on the additional farms will begin today as a precaution. Results of testing on the birds are awaited. About 6,000 ostriches from the first two farms were killed last week. H5N2 flu is not known to be harmful to humans.last_img read more

Densus 88 antiterror squad arrests 16-year-old in Batam

first_imgThe National Police’s Densus 88 counterterrorism squad arrested a 16-year-old boy in his house in Merapi Subur housing complex in Batam, Riau Islands on Wednesday evening. Recent arrests also occurred in Tasikmalaya, West Java and Kendal in Central Java.The neighborhood unit (RT) head of the housing complex, Adip Kurniawan, told The Jakarta Post that personnel of the squad and from the Riau Islands Police arrested the boy and he was taken to the Riau Islands Police headquarters.Adip said the terrorism suspect was the eldest of two siblings and the family had just rented the house in March. “They’re new here and they’re friendly, but the one arrested is a child,” Adip said. Riau Islands Police chief Insp. Gen. Aris Budiman confirmed the arrest during his inspection of Idul Fitri holiday security. “So far, the security in Riau Islands and Batam is under control,” he said.Aris, however, did not divulge more information about the teenager’s arrest.In 2016, Densus 88 unraveled a terrorist network calling itself Katibah Gonggong Rebus (KGR), led by 31-year-old Gigih Rahmat Dewa in Batam. The police said they once planned to shoot a rocket to Marina Bay in Singapore from Batam.  “Gonggong rebus” is actually the name of a Batam dish of boiled snails. Topics :last_img read more

Luis Suarez’s return hands Barcelona title advantage

first_img Loading… The 33-year old has been out of action after undergoing surgery on a persistent knee injury back in January. Defending La Liga champions Barcelona have been given a crucial boost in their title defence, with the return from injury of Luis Suarez.Advertisement The club opted to sanction the operation amid concerns the problem could worsen if he waited until the end of the season.Barcelona failed to sign an attacking replacement for the Uruguayan international, following Ousmane Dembele’s own return to fitness.But his later injury pushed La Blaugrana to controversially sign an emergency player outside of the designated transfer window.Their move for Leganes’ Martin Braithwaite angered Javier Aguirre, as his relegation battlers were unable to replace the Danish international.However, the La Liga coronavirus suspension has now opened up the possibility of Suarez returning before the end of the season.That would break key stipulation which facilitated Braithwaite’s arrival, with Barcelona having to prove ‘season ending’ injuries to both Suarez and Dembele.The former Liverpool man confirmed in a interview with Canal*, via Marca, he has started training again, and will return to the team when football resumes.La Liga have not set a date for the resumption of the 2019-20 season, with dates in May and June currently under consideration.Barcelona are two points ahead of arch rivals Real Madrid in title race, but with 11 games still to play.Quique Setien’s side also have a Champions League last 16 clash against Napoli, potentially earmarked for early August.The return of Suarez could prove to be a significant advantage for the Catalan side in their season run in.Barcelona have struggled for goals in his absence, scoring more than two goals in just two of their eight La Liga games in 2020.This has placed even more pressure on Lionel Messi to maintain their title push, with Ansu Fati the only other player to score more than one league goal this calendar year.Read Also: Fabregas confident Messi will stay with BarcelonaSuarez’s record in front of goal has been key for Barcelona in recent seasons, with 20+ league goals in each of the last four seasons.And his late season goal scoring form presents a really exciting option in sportsbook offers, with 28 league goals in run ins across the last four years.That consistency will reduce the intense focus on Messi, and could open up vital spaces and goal scoring chances for Fati and Antoine Griezmann, as Setien looks to secure a major title inside his first six months in charge.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Promoted Content7 Truly Incredible Facts About Black Holes8 Ways Drones Will Automate Our FutureBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For Them10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoWhy Do So Many Digital Assistants Have Feminine Names & Voices?Couples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way20 Celebs With Bizarre Hidden Talents And Skills5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This YearWho’s The Best Car Manufacturer Of All Time?6 TV Characters Whose Departures Have Made The Shows Better7 Gadgets & Inventions That Could Save Our Planetlast_img read more

St. Louis Grade School Basketball Results

first_imgThe St. Louis Cardinals 5th grade boys basketball team played their 1st game of the season tonight at the Activity Center and were victorious with a win over visiting St. Michaels of Brookville by the score of 29 – 26.It was a very competitive, close game all night long which saw the Cardinals down by four points at the end of the 3rd quarter. Then the offense exploded and scored 15 unanswered points in the 4th quarter to seal the victory.The team played solid defense and was led in scoring by Charlie Schebler (10), Alec Bunselmeier (9), Ben Harmeyer (6) and Noah Tuveson (4). Nate Vankirk, Frank Forbeck, Nate Reder, Luke Meyer and Luke Meer also significantly contributed to the win.The next game will be Monday, November 9 at Mt. Carmel.Courtesy of Cardinals Coach Ryan Schebler.The St. Louis 6th grade boys basketball team got off to a great start to their season Thursday evening with a win at home over a good St. Michael’s team, 31-14.The scoring attack was lead by Hunter Laudick with significant scoring coming from Adam Vogelsang, Cody Mohr and Kyle Salatin. There was also a big rebounding effort from Mohr, Abe Streator and Joseph Suttman.Defense was the key to this victory though with the Cardinals holding St. Michael’s to 14 points while the home team was able to put up 31!!Courtesy of Cardinals Coaches Jim Mohr and Dale Amrhein.last_img read more

Hansen proves up to challenge, wins IMCA Modified Sweet Diamond Series

first_imgChase Hansen was champion of the inaugural Sweet Diamond Challenge Series for IMCA Modifieds. (Photo by Tom Macht, MYTON, Utah – Chase Hansen has celebrated four IMCA Modified track championships at Dia­mond Mountain Speedway.He finally got to celebrate a special series championship there this year.Hansen, from Myton, Utah, won the inaugural Sweet Diamond Challenge Series title, with the top point total from four races at Diamond Mountain and four more at Sweetwater Speedway.“It was pretty cool to get my first series championship,” he said. “I came close the last year of the Wild West Tour. It’s something I always wanted to do.”Hansen had put himself in the series driver’s seat with a sweep of the series-opening twinbill at Vernal in June.“We were fast that weekend,” he understated. “On the second night I passed my brother Dustin for the lead with about four laps to go. He was driving my other car and it was neat that both cars were battling for the win.”With the responsibilities of his own business to tend to, Hansen ran a limited schedule in 2018 and had three wins overall in 22 starts. He traveled to Batesville Motor Speedway for Race For Hope 74 and to Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the Duel in the Desert, two of the events that he hopes to have back on his sched­ule in 2019.“I really want to do more traveling. There are a lot of races I would like to go back to, like Race For Hope and the Duel, and maybe the Kupper Chevrolet Dakota Classic Tour, too.”Wins-2                    Top Five Finishes-4           Starts-8HIS CREW: Guy Gardner.HIS SPONSORS: Jet Lift Systems, Chase Hansen Racing and Hooked Up Performance Products, all of Myton; Signs N Lines and Pumpers Inc., both of Roosevelt; A&D Pump Parts of Arcadia; Simper Racing of Vernal; Smack Daddy’s of Price; Speed Shift TV; Speedway Motors Crate Engines of Lincoln, Neb.; Larry Shaw Race Cars of Batesville, Ark.; Wright Race Cars of Rock Springs, Wyo.; Bassett Racing Wheel of Burling­ton, Wis.; Wehrs Machine and Racing Products of Bangor, Wis.; BSB Manufacturing of Welling­ton, Kan.; KRC of Lockwood, Mo.; Out-Pace Racing Products of Freeport, Ill.; Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants of Farmington, N.M.; and Hammond Motorsports of DeWitt, Iowa.last_img read more

QPR move for Ferdinand and Caulker

first_imgQPR are set to sign former England captain Rio Ferdinand and have agreed a fee with Cardiff for Steven Caulker, manager Harry Redknapp has confirmed. Press Association “Rio has agreed to join us and we’re hopeful of getting that one over the line when he gets back from the World Cup,” Redknapp said to Telegraph Sport. “I can’t foresee any problems with it and we’d be delighted if we can get it done soon. “He’s been a player at the top of the list since he left Manchester United and he would give the whole place a lift with his quality and experience.” Redknapp hopes Caulker, 22, will also opt to head to Loftus Road. The QPR boss added: “We’ve agreed a fee with Cardiff and it’s now up to Steven to decide his next move. “I know him well from Spurs and he’s always been a tremendous prospect. Hopefully that’s another one we can get done.” Earlier this week, QPR – promoted via the play-off final at Wembley – announced the release of Aaron Hughes, Stephane Mbia and Andrew Johnson at the end of their contracts, while midfielder Alejandro Faurlin has signed a contract extension. Goalkeeper Rob Green and striker Bobby Zamora are also in talks over possible new deals. center_img The 35-year-old defender is available on a free transfer having been released by Manchester United at the end of his contract, and following his return from media duties at the World Cup is set for a move back to London, where he started his career at West Ham under Redknapp. Former Tottenham centre-back Caulker, rated at some £8million, is another target for the newly-promoted Hoops, but the Cardiff captain is also attracting interest from the likes of Liverpool, Everton and Southampton. last_img read more

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