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Trader Joe’s to open at Eddy Street Commons

first_imgNotre Dame is partnering with Kite Realty Group Trust to open a new Trader Joe’s grocery store at Eddy Street Commons, a press release announced Monday.University executive vice president Shannon Cullinan said in the release that the addition of a grocery store was part of the vision of Eddy Street Commons from the beginning.“This vision has been realized with Trader Joe’s, a truly iconic brand in America. We are confident that this key addition to Eddy Street Commons will be a wonderful resource in many ways for both the campus and broader communities,” Shannon said.Eddy Street Commons, the residential, retail and dining district close to campus, is the result of a 15 year partnership between the University and Kite Realty Group Trust.“We are thrilled about the impending arrival of Trader Joe’s and what it will mean for the community,” Tom McGowan, president and chief operating officer of Kite Realty Group, said.The press release said several years of focus groups have been wanting to add a small, specialty grocer and even specifically, a Trader Joe’s, for years. Construction is underway and a future opening date will be announced at a later time.Cullinan thanked the city of South Bend, the Notre Dame Trustees, advisory council members and Kite Realty Group Trust for their support.“We are deeply grateful to the Kite team for their tireless efforts in helping us bring Trader Joe’s to the region,” she said.Tags: Eddy Street Commons, Kite Realty Group Trust, Trader Joe’slast_img read more

BNEF: Solar plus storage nearing price parity with gas

first_imgBNEF: Solar plus storage nearing price parity with gas FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Bloomberg:Natural gas-fired power plants will be facing more price competition from solar farms in some parts of the U.S. as falling battery costs make it possible to deliver electricity produced from sunshine even after dark.Solar projects that incorporate storage are becoming cheaper to build per megawatt-hour in parts of the U.S. Southwest than new gas-fired generation, according to a report Monday by Bloomberg NEF.That positions solar to replace a significant portion of the 7 gigawatts of coal-fired power that’s expected to retire in the region over the next decade, said Hugh Bromley, a New York-based analyst at BNEF. And that trend will likely be repeated elsewhere. “This won’t be contained to the Southwest,” Bromley said in an interview Monday. “This is spreading and will continue to spread.Utilities that buy electricity from solar farms typically still rely on gas-fired generators in the evenings. But the increasing affordability of batteries — thanks in part to a federal incentive — is making solar compelling, even after sundown.For example, a 100-megawatt solar farm that goes into service in Arizona in 2021, coupled with a 25-megawatt storage system with four hours of capacity, will be able to provide power for $36 a megawatt-hour, according to BNEF. That’s well below the $47 price from a new combined-cycle gas plant, according to the report.“In the long-term, this is a threat to gas suppliers whose demand from utilities will be in decline,” Bromley said.More: Solar with batteries cheaper than gas in parts of U.S. Southwestlast_img read more

Argentina Thanks Chile for Help in Fighting Fires

first_img The government of the Argentine province of Chubut (in southern Argentina) thanked Chile for their firefighter support in fighting the forest fires that have consumed around 2,000 hectares in that district, Governor Martín Buzzi announced. By Dialogo January 10, 2012 A severe drought and wind action in the middle of the Southern Hemisphere’s summer are contributing to the spread of the flames, which are consuming a dense native forest of cypresses and pines. Around 40 Chilean firefighters will join the 300 Argentine personnel fighting the flames near the city of El Hoyo (1,075 km southwest of Buenos Aires), a tourist destination and the center of the disaster, and in neighboring Puerto Patriada, 12 km south of El Hoyo. center_img “We are grateful for this effort by a brother country that has also suffered a fierce fire in recent days, and that is contributing its people to support our brave and determined firefighters,” the governor of Chubut said. The governor has said that the fire “was intentionally set” and that it began “after no fewer than 20 previous attempts were extinguished by firefighters.” According to authorities, the fire has not caused any injuries, but the population living near the forests was urged to leave the area as a precaution. The small tourist locality of El Hoyo, with 3,500 residents, receives hundreds of visitors every summer and is the most affected by the situation.last_img read more

Knowledge of irradiation lacking in commercial purchasers, survey finds

first_img See also: Jul 27, 2004 (CIDRAP News) – Food irradiation advocates must step up to the chalkboard and start teaching the merits of the process before the market can achieve its sales potential, according to the results of a recent cattle industry association survey. More than 80% of respondents said it was extremely or very important to conduct a consumer education campaign about irradiated beef if the beef industry wants to increase demand for the product. Knowledgeable current users believed that the consumers most likely to buy irradiated ground beef are those with more education, those with  higher incomes, seniors, and families with children. Knowledge of and purchases of irradiated ground beef were low. Forty-one percent of those contacted knew virtually nothing about the product. Eustice cited a recently published survey comparing consumer attitudes toward irradiated foods in 2003 and 1993. The study was published in the June edition of Food Protection Trends. It showed the percentage of consumers willing to buy irradiated food had doubled over that decade but that much education is still needed. For example, the majority of consumers surveyed said irradiation was very necessary only for fruits and vegetables. “The knowledge of the technology is weaker than we thought,” said Elizabeth Dressler, director of product enhancement research for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA). The association contracts with the Cattlemen’s Beef Board to conduct research funded by American beef producers. “Until someone decides they must educate consumers, irradiation will continue to be an underused tool that can eliminate much of the foodborne illness,” he said. Results of a telephone survey early this year of 300 retail and food service beef purchasers showed about 4 in 10 people interviewed were not at all knowledgeable about irradiated ground beef. The process applies electromagnetic radiation to kill organisms that cause foodborne illness and to retard spoilage. Only 18% of knowledgeable current purchasers of irradiated ground beef thought a majority of their customers also understood the product. It’s clear that people in retail and food services need to understand irradiation, Eustice said. “I would encourage the NCBA to look closely at the results of this research and become proactive.” Those who knew about the irradiated product had positive feelings about its role in the industry. The survey was not random: It drew on representative national sample lists and a list of companies known to carry irradiated ground beef. Responses were split based on a company’s link to the product: current purchaser (user), past purchaser (nonuser), knowledgeable nonpurchaser, nonknowledgeable nonpurchaser.center_img Among the findings: Ronald Eustice, with the Minnesota Beef Council (MBC) called the survey findings a roadmap for the NCBA. And most consumers felt they were uninformed about the advantages of irradiation, that study concluded. “Awareness and usage might be lower than we thought,” Dressler said. “It’s backing up what a lot of studies have done on the consumer-perception side. Once a person is educated, they’re much more willing to try this technology.” CIDRAP overview of irradiation Forty-three percent of knowledgeable users considered consumers with money woes to be the least likely to buy irradiated beef. “Educated consumers overwhelmingly support the technology and are ready to buy the product,” Eustice said. The most frequently reported concern by users was that consumers would not buy the treated ground beef (22%). The market for irradiated ground beef is growing. Almost half of past purchasers were very (14%) or somewhat (33%) likely to purchase the product in the next year. In addition, more than one quarter of knowledgeable nonusers were very (4%) or somewhat (23%) likely to do so. Fifty-eight percent of current purchasers said they would increase the amount of irradiated ground beef they would buy, versus 23% who were planning to decrease the amount. Amy Becker is a freelance reporter for CIDRAP. She will enter the University of Minnesota’s graduate program in public health administration and policy in fall 2004.last_img read more

CNTB re-launches promotional campaign and prize game “Epic Week in Croatia – Returns”

first_img“This is one of the well-received promotional campaigns of the Croatian National Tourist Board, which has reached over 60 million people in its four editions so far. We are launching the continuation of the campaign this year as well, at the request of the fans themselves, who have expressed great interest and desire to participate in the prize draw with numerous messages. That is why we expect an excellent response and promotional results during the implementation of this continuation of the campaign, in which we will once again present Croatia as a country with a rich and wide offer where everyone can find many interesting things for themselves.”, Said the director of the CNTB, Kristjan Staničić. The Croatian National Tourist Board is launching a promotional campaign and a prize game on the social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which will be entitled “Epic Week in Croatia – Returns“. The campaign will be active from Friday, April 26 to May 15, 2019 in the markets of Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia and other countries, reports the Croatian National Tourist Board. The last continuation of the campaign called “Epic week – Last call” was conducted in September last year and on that occasion reached 11 million people, and more than eight thousand new fans began to follow the channels of the Croatian Tourist Board on social networks. At that time, more than 13 competitors took part in the prize draw. The main prize is won by the person who has the best argumentative description of why she deserves a trip to Croatia as part of which she will experience everything she has chosen for her ideal vacation. As part of this continuation of the campaign, the Croatian Tourist Board is giving away an additional thematic day of rest and stay in one of the Croatian destinations to the selected program of winners. center_img The concept of the “Epic Week” campaign allows participants to create an ideal vacation through a specially designed website in which among the 219 activities offered, those that make up someone’s dream vacation are selected. Participants can choose locations, sights, cities, but also the tastes they want to experience during their visit to Croatia. All those who shared the selected activities on social networks participate in the prize game, and those whose posts have collected the largest number of “likes” enter the grand finale. Source: Croatian tourist agencylast_img read more

Dutch government makes FTK concessions on indexation, investment policies

first_imgThe state secretary also compromised on her initial plan to block pension funds with a funding shortfall from adding risk to their investment portfolios.Klijnsma said pension funds with a coverage of at least the required minimum funding of 110% would be allowed to adjust their strategic investment policies once.She said a second adjustment would be permitted only if a pension fund opted for a dynamic hedge of the interest risk on its liabilities.Klijnsma conceded that pension funds could circumvent the investment restrictions by chosing a relatively high strategic risk profile in 2015, when the new FTK is to come into force.“However,” she said, “pension funds must consult their social partners, as well as their internal governance bodies, about their risk attitude.”The two coalition parties of the PvdA and the VVD, as well as the CU, the SGP and the D66, also made clear that they wanted the prescribed discount rate for liabilities to mirror the future European discount rate for insurers.Meanwhile, industry organisations for the elderly warned that the update of the FTK might be at odds with European rules.In a letter to Klijnsma, the KNVG, the CSO and the NVOG called for a delay in the FTK’s reading in Parliament, until such a time as the bill had been been checked against EU legislation.Parliament is to decide on the FTK proposals on Wednesday evening. Dutch state secretary Jetta Klijnsma has secured a majority in Parliament for her proposals for a new financial assessment framework (FTK) by making concessions on indexation and investment policy.During consultations in Parliament on Monday, she said she would ease restrictions on inflation compensation by allowing pension schemes with a coverage ratio of more than 126.6% to grant indexation in arrears over a five-year period, rather than the proposed 10 years.However, many Dutch pension funds’ coverage ratios are at less than 110% – the level at which schemes can start granting inflation compensation under the new FTK.Klijnsma made the concessions under pressure from three opposition parties – the CU, the SGP and the D66 – whose support is crucial to achieve a majority in the Senate.last_img read more

LAPFF hits out at UK’s Financial Reporting Council

first_imgThe Local Authority Pension Fund Forum (LAPFF) has called on the UK government to give “serious consideration” to winding up the UK Financial Reporting Council (FRC).In a hard-hitting attack on the UK audit and corporate governance watchdog, the LAPFF called for the FRC to be replaced with an independent companies commission.The LAPFF said: “One reason why the FRC is failing is because it was never set up properly in the first place. The Treasury Select Committee described the position of the FRC as ‘inexplicable as it is unacceptable’.“We agree and believe that Downing Street needs to take an active interest in the position of the FRC; it falls so far short of the standards expected in public life, it warrants intensive investigation.” LAPFF also noted that, despite being a public authority, the FRC is not fully subject to the Freedom of Information Act.The call came as part of LAPFF’s submission to a consultation on corporate governance from the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The consultation on the BEIS green paper closed on 17 February.The green paper sought comments on executive pay, strengthening the employee and customer voice, and corporate governance in large private businesses. The FRC plans to launch a separate review of UK corporate governance later this year.The LAPFF believes that the FRC has failed to enforce the Companies Act 2006 in respect of both the ‘true and fair’ accounting requirement and, more recently, in relation to the duty on directors to report compliance with s172 of the Companies Act. This requires company directors to act in the best interests of the success of their company.It says a director must “act in the way he considers, in good faith, would be most likely to promote the success of the company for the benefit of its members as a whole.”The watchdog recently told IPE that it needs additional powers to force directors to report on how they have complied with s172.In its submission to BEIS, it repeated its call to be given more powers.The LAPFF, however, claims that the FRC has got the law wrong.The forum told BEIS: “First, the FRC has cited a lack of prescriptive reporting methods in the legislation as the means to deny the prescribed purpose of the legislation.“The falsity of that argument is betrayed by the green paper itself, which sets out that the lack of prescriptive methods is deliberate to enable flexibility in delivering the prescribed purpose.”The LAPFF also argued that the FRC has misread s414(1) of the Companies Act and overlooked the fact that it already has the power to enforce reporting under s172.Meanwhile, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) also weighed into the debate over s172 in the wake of the BHS Pension Fund scandal.In its consultation response, the DWP said it wanted company directors to be forced to take specific account of both past employees and pensioners when discharging their duties.In support of its call, the DWP noted that Legal & General had warned that the BHS collapse was “perhaps more to do with the application of directors’ duties by those directors in question” than deficiencies in legislation.The DWP also noted that Legal & General had suggested that there was “scope for the application and enforceability of directors’ duties to be scrutinised through the courts” rather than through further prescription at this stage.last_img read more

Gov’t financing program helps MSMEs restart operations

first_img“We encourage our MSMEs to establish and maintain a good track record since all applications are screened on the basis of the business’ability to bounce back based on projected cash flow and good credit standing before the crisis,” said Capiz DTI provincial director Ken Queenie Cuñada. ROXAS City, Capiz – Some 23 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) engaged in the culinary school, agricultural products, food manufacturing, carinderia, sari-sari as well as dry goods stores, shoes trading, construction supply, funeral home, salon and garments businesses in Capiz were approved of their loan applications to the government’s financing program through the Small Business Corporation’s (SBC) Pondo Para sa Pagbabago COVID-19 Assistance to Restart Enterprises (P3 CARES). Based on the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) records, a total of 152 loan applications were received and pre-screened since the province was placed under the general community quarantine on May 1. “The approved loans amounted to P1.7-million as of July 6,” said SBC P3 provincial coordinator Mark Paul Serran, noting that some of the approved applications were already released of their borrowed amount while others are yet to get their loan this month.center_img The DTI and SBC are hand-in-hand in providing immediate relief and in supporting the micro and small businesses amid the COVID-19 crisis. All interested MSME – applicants may contact SBC thru Serran at (036) 6212637; 09756448606 and 09453102006 or visit the DTI Provincial Office at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Boulevard, Pueblo de Panay in Roxas City. (PIA Capiz)last_img read more

Sunman Park needs volunteers for project

first_imgSUNMAN, Ind. — The Sunman Park Board is looking for volunteers for an upcoming project.On Saturday, April 22, volunteers will be asked to help develop a social media marketing campaign for the board, while others will paint and update the building.At least five volunteers are needed, but registration will be capped at 20.Click here to register.last_img

Moyes not to blame for Manchester United struggles – Van Persie

first_imgDavid Moyes is not to blame for the struggles Manchester United have endured since Sir Alex Ferguson headed into retirement, says Robin van Persie, who considers the players to have “dropped” collective standards at Old Trafford. Robin van Persie A managerial baton was passed between two Scots in the summer of 2013 with the Red Devils still basking in the glow of a 13th Premier League title triumph. Moyes was charged with the task of building from that point, but inherited an ageing squad and would last only a matter of months before being unceremoniously dumped from a long-term contract. Van Persie formed part of the United side at that time and admits that the wheels started to fall off in spectacular fashion. The Dutchman is, however, of the opinion that players – then and in the seasons since – have to shoulder as much of the responsibility for regression as the high-profile coaches who have failed to deliver on expectation. “We did struggle because we ended up being seventh,” Van Persie told Premier League Productions of a rut that United first got stuck in during the 2013-14 campaign. “From such a high, we were thinking about winning the Champions League and moving on. “It was a new period as well with Scholesey coming to the end, Giggsy taking a player/coach role. It was all new. “Moyes was not to blame – anyone who came in after Ferguson, good luck to you. It was not only him to blame, it was us as well. The standards were so high but they dropped.” It came as some surprise when Ferguson opted to walk away, despite having previously backtracked on retirement plans, with Van Persie admitting that he made a move from Arsenal in the understanding that an iconic coach would be sticking around for some time. He added on the departure of a legendary boss at the end of his debut campaign with the Red Devils: “That was a bit of a shock. Just before I signed, I literally had the pen in my hand and I said ‘One more thing Sir Alex, how much longer are you planning to stay?’ and he said ‘At least three more years’. “To be fair the reason why he stopped was family reasons and family comes first. “He was one of the big reasons I signed so it was a blow but then that is football. players come and go, managers too. He played 26 years and built the club up but that’s life.” read also:Robin van Persie compares ‘world-class’ Saka to Arsenal, Man Utd legends United have savoured FA Cup, League Cup and Europa League successes since Ferguson bid farewell, but they are still searching for a spark and hope that 1999 Treble-winning hero Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be the man to deliver that over the coming years. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Promoted Content10 Asian Actresses Of Irresistible BeautyTop Tastiest Foods From All Over The World10 Phones That Can Work For Weeks Without Recharging10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MorePretty Awesome Shows That Just Got CanceledCan Playing Too Many Video Games Hurt Your Body?Lil Nas X Is About To Beat A World Record!Couples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way9 Talented Actors Who Are Only Associated With One RoleWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?Who Earns More Than Ronaldo?center_img Loading… last_img read more

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