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Tenino Watershed Hero: Chanele Holbrook

first_imgFacebook388Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Kathy Jacobson for the Chehalis Basin Lead EntityChanele Holbrook is a longtime advocate and crusader working to protect the rural character, and the forest and prairies lands of Scatter Creek headwaters –and beyond.Chenele Holbrook is a Tenino watershed hero. Photo credit:In 1992, Chanele discovered Tenino and just knew she was “home”, it’s been her inner passion to protect it ever since. “I was lucky enough to grow up in the military and moved all over.  I’ve lived all over the east and west coasts, Hawaii and even in Korea. After two years of college, I joined the Air Force as a military police officer. When stationed in Spokane, I would travel over the mountains to visit family on the coast. I fell in love the huge trees and landscape.  After my tour ended, I found my “special valley” in Tenino, I never left.”Chanele continued her formal education, and in 1999, graduated from Evergreen State College with a BS degree, with an emphasis in Ethnobotany and Watershed Ecology. The magical landscape that Chanele had fallen in love with, she learned was primarily owned by big timber companies, and that it would soon be logged. Chanele wanted to help protect the sensitive old growth forest habitat for salmon and wildlife, and with her new degree she could do just that!“I was fortunate enough to be hired by local landowners who wanted to protect in perpetuity and restore 600 acres of their forested uplands and lower valley wetlands. Together, they created a non-profit conservation land trust, the Heernett Environmental Foundation – named for its founders Gabriele Heertje and Manfred Nettek, and later renamed Creekside Conservancy. For more than 20 years, I was the Director of Environmental Operations for the foundation. The position was challenging, as I was the only employee, but it was also super gratifying, because I had the ability to design, manage, and implement a large variety of very successful “never been done before” projects, and spearheaded new pilot programs. We tackled some pretty great projects! Over my many years of work, I was able to highlight the importance of the Scatter Creek watershed for the health of the Chehalis River basin and our local native salmon. Scatter Creek consistently delivers vital cold clear water into the Chehalis River, creating a “gaining reach” and important refugia for salmon throughout the year.  It’s a huge benefit for the Chehalis River and is one of the reasons that it is last Basin in Washington without listed salmon.” As Chanele reflected on her environmental accomplishments, her deep love and knowledge of the rural landscape of the Scatter Creek area, Tenino, and the entire Chehalis basin was evident.Chanele Holbrook giving a speech at the Scatter Creek Farm ground breaking. Photo courtesy: Chanele HolbrookDuring Chanele’s tenure with Creekside Conservancy, lands protected and enhanced include: the Sampson’s property, a key property in Cozy Valley which helped protect Scatter Creek headwaters and upland forests; the Mills Parker Place property, which protected over ½ mile of Scatter Creek mainstem and has mature endangered White Oak riparian areas and wetlands, and providing unique salmon spawning habitat for steelhead, coho, and chum salmon, as well as, cutthroat trout. Two fish blocking culverts were removed, and a bridge installed to better support Coho salmon and rainbow trout. Working with local school and citizen groups, Chanele has planted more than 1200 trees on foundation lands including on Cozy Valley lands. Chanele also created an outdoor classroom on the property for local students to experience and study their watershedWhen asked about her favorite project, Chanele had a ready answer. “The Scatter Creek Farm Conservancy project. This project was great – a fantastic way to bring sustainable agriculture and wildlife conservation together. In perpetuity, 100 acres of prime farm land are now protected, with water rights (70-acre feet of groundwater placed in a water bank), is dedicated to sustainable food production, with an additional 48 acres of critical wildlife habitat bordering on the Chehalis River. Plus, the property has amazing artesian springs, and two side channels for salmon spawning and rearing. A big part of my passion for this project is that it is now –and will be in the future, –a regional educational tool.  Working with future landowners and farmers, supporting an agricultural incubator, regional student tours and “agropreneur” workshops to teach new methods of successful farming in small productive niche markets.   A “never been done before” kind of project and an enormous win-win for agriculture and wildlife.  It’s my gem.” As a founding member of the Chehalis Basin Partnership, (1998 to 2015), Chanele has been a strong voice and advocate for the environment. In her role, Chanele was active with the steering technical committee, water quality, water quantity, habitat, and citizen advisory committees.Chanele said, “I’m passionate about environmental protection and insuring we leave a legacy for our grandchildren. We’ve lost too much forested and prairie lands—these areas play a significant role in the protection of water quality. These lands are some of the best for cold, clear, and clean water, to recharge our local aquifers and are important sources for instream flows.  Once it’s gone or covered in asphalt, we can’t get it back.”To protect critical areas and significant forest lands, Chanele developed strong partnerships with regional nonprofit, local, state and federal agencies. Some of Chanele’s early work in south county included working with the nonprofit, Wolf Haven, collaborating on regional projects. This led to the eventual acquisition of additional prairie lands. Today local second graders learn about prairies and pollinators on these prairie lands.Another local treasure in the Tenino area, is the stone quarry public swimming pool. Legend has it, that quarrymen in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s struck a natural spring that quickly filled the pit with water. As the water flooded the area, workers had to abandon the site, along with their tools. Once filled with spring water, a perfect deep, natural reservoir was created —perfect for swimming. The site was converted to a public pool in the mid-40’s and is in Tenino City Park, –and has been enjoyed by thousands of children, adults and families since.Chanele Holbrook with a group of fifth grade students at the Black River WG. Photo courtesy: Chanele HolbrookHowever, in 2010, Chanele learned that the 60-acre hillside property adjacent to the foundation, (above the park and surrounding the quarry pool) was not owned by the City of Tenino, was going to be logged.Chanele said, “I knew that I could not let that happen. If it was clear cut as planned, the surface water runoff would impact the park and completely devastate the town’s only community park.  The clarity of the quarry pool would be lost, as logging would have caused major sedimentation and erosion of hillside soils right into the quarry pool.”  Chanele quickly got to work and led a team of other concerned Tenino citizens. Together matching funds were raised, grants were written, and through a partnership with the Weyerhaeuser Company, the 12 acres directly above the park and quarry pool were acquired and protected in perpetuity.“In this narrow 12-acre strip of land, the understory of native plants, and the roots of coniferous and deciduous trees collect water, keeping the soil in place, and help to prevent erosion from the logged hillside behind them. The long-term plan is for these 12 acres to connect to an established walking trail that is on the adjacent 250 acres of Creekside Conservancy’s land – and then wrap back down to the Chehalis Western Trail. Locals know this special piece of foundation land as the Backdrop of Tenino.”With the acquisition of this small forest, the Tenino Park and quarry pool is now protected for the enjoyment of current and future swimmers and park visitors.In 2018, a swimmer noted on the Quarry Pool Facebook page, “Awesome experience that everyone should do at least once in their lifetime…”Mayor Wayne Fournier, called the quarry “A priceless piece of local history.”Another local swimmer noted, “It’s cool that we have this in our small town. Where else can you swim in an old quarry?”Through all the years, with Chanele at the helm, the foundation worked to strategically acquire additional critical habitat.  In addition to the original 600 acres, another 600 acres of important and sensitive land has been acquired, expanding the Creekside Conservancy’s foundation to projects throughout the Scatter Creek sub basin – and beyond.Chanele’s love for the region shined as she worked closely with the county for years participating on the citizen advisory committee that developed the Agricultural Overlay District in south Thurston County and the vibrant agricultural “Bountiful Byway” – promoting sustainable agriculture and Agri-tourism.For two decades, Chanele has been an active voice in the community. She has been able to inform and educate the city of Tenino and its citizens, on a variety of issues –local economic vitality, urban sprawl, groundwater recharge, salmon refugia’s, –and the importance of the education of our youth on local watershed issues.“I’m excited to be able to reenergize a past program that I loved so much. It will involve local elementary and middle school students in watershed ecology and different types of local environmental action projects in the near future.”Today, Chanele is as enthusiastic and dedicated as ever, and continues her work as a volunteer to protect key habitats in the Chehalis basin, while working full time as an outreach staff member at a local state agency on water quality resource issues.last_img read more

New Google App Approved for iPhones

first_imgWe’ve just heard from our friends at Google that their mobile app is now available in the App Store for iPhone users everywhere.In the new version of Google Mobile, everyone’s favorite search company has redesigned their results display to show more results at one time. Also, users will be able to open web pages from search results from inside the app. Other new features are pretty impressive, too.Users can now customize the application by any color they choose. Users with speedy iPhone models can also choose to turn on a moving waveform for voice-activated searches. These mods are available under a “Bells and Whistles” setting for fancy gizmodgery.And speaking of searching by voice, Google has worked out a special sort of magic for sussing out not only the language but also the accent of the speaker. “For example,” writes software engineer Alastair Tse, “if you’re Australian but live in London, you can improve the recognition accuracy by selecting Australian in the Voice Search settings.”Google has also added such languages as Mandarin and Japanese to its list of supported languages. Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market jolie odell A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… For more information about the Google iPhone app, check it out at Google’s page or download it free from the App Store. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#Google#web last_img read more

Solar Firm Targets Low-Income Households

first_imgLobbying Helps Slow the Growth of Rooftop SolarWhen Will Rooftop Solar Be Cheaper Than the Grid?An Introduction to Photovoltaic SystemsPV Systems Have Gotten Dirt Cheap Solar installer PosiGen LLC is targeting cash-poor consumers whose credit may not be great, and so far the gamble seems to be paying off.PosiGen, in fact, makes a point of not checking the credit scores of potential customers, according to a report at Bloomberg Technology. Far from finding its low-income customers are slow to pay or don’t pay, the company reports the default rate on contracts is extremely low — 47 defaults in 13,000 installations, less than 0.4%.The seven-year-old company now operates in Louisiana, New York, and Connecticut, according to its website. Bloomberg said PosiGen got its start in hard-hit areas of New Orleans in the years following Hurricane Katrina, then went on to capture 80% of Louisiana’s rooftop solar market. It is now expanding into Minnesota and New Jersey, and would continue growing elsewhere if it could raise the cash.In an interview with Bloomberg, CEO Thomas Neyhart suggested that the company was seeking out customers that other installers might want to avoid. “We want the people on disability,” he said, “the people living paycheck to paycheck.” RELATED ARTICLES center_img In a 2015 article, Greentech Media said PosiGen’s business model is aimed squarely at middle- and low-income homeowners whose low credit scores and lack of cash have prevented them from participating in the solar boom.Neyhart called their marketing plan “blue-collar green.” The company’s standard installation is a 6.2-kW array that homeowners get for $79.99 a month.Greentech Media said the company’s approach is unique because it combines energy efficiency upgrades on the house with solar panel installation. Energy upgrades include adding insulation, installing smart thermostats, and replacing inefficient light bulbs. Coupled with the installation of solar panels, customers can expect to pay 40% to 80% less than they would for a typical power purchase agreement offered by a competitor.last_img read more

PDP eyes grassroot-level uplift

first_imgSeeking large participation of people in the upcoming panchayat polls, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on Saturday said it would be followed by elections to the urban local bodies (ULB) to fully empower these basic democratic institutions.The State government has announced holding of the panchayat polls from mid-February. Panchayat elections were last held in the State in 2011, while polls to urban local bodies were held in 2005.“My government is committed to empowerment of grassroot level institutions and the proposed elections to the panchayats and ULBs is a major step in that direction,” Mufti said.Seeking large participation of people in the panchayat elections, she said it would be followed by elections to the urban local bodies.“Elections to panchayats and ULBs will empower these institutions to not only have the democratic powers but the financial resources as well to undertake developmental activities at the grass-root levels.‘Vital role’“These democratic institutions play a vital role in taking forward the all-round developmental agenda of the government for every section of the population,” the CM said, while addressing various delegations here.The Chief Minister said the State’s election authority would formally set the process for holding panchayat polls into motion after the Rural Development Department issues the requisite notification in accordance with the provisions of the Jammu and Kashmir Panchayati Raj Act.She said her government had made a commitment on the floor of the House in June 2016 that the elections to the rural and urban local bodies would be held at the earliest to ensure full empowerment of these institutions.New district chiefsAhead of the polls, Ms. Mufti nominated Shafeeq ur Rehman as district president for Reasi, Faqir Chand Baghat for Jammu Rural, Harmesh Salatia for Samba, Surinder Singh for Kathua and Irshad Kar for Baramulla.last_img read more

What Varanasi Wants from Modi

first_imgMission VaranasiVaranasi’s happiness over electing Narendra Modi is gradually receding (“Call of the Sinking City”, June 30). Residents do have a groundswell of expectations from their Prime Minister MP. But they also know that very high population density, bad governance and apathy of the previous governments have reduced the city,Mission VaranasiVaranasi’s happiness over electing Narendra Modi is gradually receding (“Call of the Sinking City”, June 30). Residents do have a groundswell of expectations from their Prime Minister MP. But they also know that very high population density, bad governance and apathy of the previous governments have reduced the city to such a pitiable state. We must realise that Modi is not a magician. So, let us see how he manages to bring changes with an uncooperative and ineffective state government around. Also, to solve the problems, considerable contemplation and discussion are needed.Indu Shankar, VaranasiEven before the first votes were cast in Varanasi, Narendra Modi’s team had begun chalking out development plans for the city. His party also gave other stakeholders a hope that it would walk the talk in the region if voted to power. Historically, Purvanchal has always witnessed a wave, be it in the post-Emergency elections, 1984 elections or the last ascendancy of BJP in 1990. Yet Varanasi remained neglected and backward. Therefore, for the Modi-led NDA, Varanasi must be at the centre of the “development plank”. Moreover, the Prime Minister has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to change the holy city and take the RSS-BJP-VHP image to a whole new level. The city is the right place for the new Government to put the political ball in a court of its choice and also to fulfil dreams it sold to the electorate during the 2014 General Election.RAMESH SINHA, GurgaonCleansing Varanasi is not just a humongous but also a holy act. Waste bins, waste water treatment and a recycling plant are mandatory to remove filth generated on a daily basis. Since the Prime Minister has urged everyone to clean the city, not only the Centre but also the state of Uttar Pradesh must share the burden equally. The Centre and the state must sanction adequate funds to facilitate and even launch a joint venture to restore the sanctity of Varanasi and the Ganga. On the other hand, residents must not conveniently forget and neglect their own duty towards keeping the city clean and green.advertisementSANJIV GUPTA, Perth, AustraliaReasons to RepealArticle 370 of the Indian Constitution gives special status to J&K (“Time for BJP to Settle J&K Issue”, June 30). It was, however, introduced as a temporary measure at the time of Independence. It reads: “Temporary provisions with respect to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.” Due to political reasons, this article has not been repealed. Our Constitution is for the welfare of the people of India and J&K is an integral part of India. If Article 370 is repealed, it will be beneficial to J&K as there will be more economic development in the state. Because of Article 370, people of other states do not dare to settle down and do business in J&K. Remember that the Constitution can be amended. If Article 370 is not repealed, the state of J&K will lose the benefits of economic development. It is time for the people of J&K to insist on repealing it.Mahesh Kumar, via emailBest ChoiceThe survey for best universities comes as a great help to students seeking admission to various postgraduate institutions. (“Graduating to the Next Level”, June 30). It is not an easy task to choose the best university. Students often end up making the wrong decision in the absence of proper guidance. The fact that 17 top Indian Universities are included in Asia’s Top 300 universities is pretty encouraging. It’s good to see that things are improving. Sneha Ranjan, New DelhiThe Right ChoiceThe BJP leadership seems to have rightly handed over the reins of Gujarat to a dedicated person like Anandiben Patel who had shown the political will to drive through crucial reforms in the urban development sector during her term as Cabinet minister in Gujarat (“Anandiben Takes Charge of Modi’s Gujarat”, June 30). She has already set the ball rolling with her 100-day agenda for 11 key subjects, including women’s empowerment. However, her biggest challenge would be to carry forward the legacy of her predecessor, which includes meeting the expectations of the people and stabilising the state party unit.Jia Shah, via emailCaught in StrifeThe ongoing crisis in Iraq between the Shia-led government and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is not just an internal strife but something that has engulfed India as well (“The War on Our Shores”, June 30). It threatens not just Indian workers there but also the economic recovery plans of the Narendra Modi Government. The immediate challenge for the new Government is to safely extricate Indian nationals out of that country. But the fact that Iraq has the world’s fifth largest oil reserves is a bigger point of worry for the Modi Government. Iraq is OPEC’s second largest oil producer. Its top buyers are China and India. The crisis has erupted at the worst possible time as India is trying its best to curb inflation. Rising crude prices have pushed the markets down and the rupee has recorded a new low against the dollar. Manav Upadhyaya, DelhiadvertisementThe Cup ConnectionIndia has often been called the “sleeping giant” of world football (“Midnight Tryst with the Great Game”, June 30 ). It can only be hoped that the giant will eventually wake up to the professional game. In a predominantly cricket-loving country, India got swept up in the 2014 FIFA World Cup that occupied huge chunks of airtime on news and sports channels. The 17th edition of the FIFA under-17 World Cup, to be held in six Indian cities in 2017, promises an improvement in facilities and a surge of local involvement in the sport. By the next FIFA World Cup in 2018, we will know if these ambitions take flight or bite the dust.Carl Jaison, New DelhiIndia may not have a team in Brazil but that doesn’t mean Indians are not following the action closely. Some of the most ardent fans of the beautiful game can be found in India. There are times when sport becomes a celebration of human endeavour and is not just restricted to a particular team or country. That spirit is evident as millions of Indians celebrate every time a goal is being scored in Brazil.Tage Robin, Itanagarlast_img read more

Ohio States Bradley Roby returning for junior season

Bradley Roby is coming back. The Ohio State redshirt sophomore cornerback is returning to Columbus for his junior season after flirting with the possibility of declaring for the 2013 NFL Draft, according to multiple reports. Roby, who was named an Associated Press second-team All-American and consensus All-Big Ten selection, played a considerable role on the defensive side of the ball during the Buckeyes’ undefeated 2012 season. Under the director of coach Urban Meyer, OSU finished the year 12-0 and is currently ranked No. 3 in the AP’s top-25 poll. Roby, who secured 63 tackles in addition to 17 pass breakups and two interceptions, will return to a defense that loses its starting defensive line, two of its starting linebackers, and fellow cornerback Travis Howard. Roby’s teammate, junior defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins, opted to forgo his senior year and enter the draft instead. While Roby arguably played as consistently as any Buckeye throughout the season, perhaps his most notable game was against Nebraska on Oct. 6 when he recorded two interceptions, one of which he returned for a first-quarter touchdown to open the scoring. OSU went on to win, 63-38. At practice the next week, OSU cornerbacks coach Kerry Coombs told reporters that Roby would be a “first-round pick down the road.” “A kid like Bradley, whose film study is extraordinary, hours and hours of film study, he’ll know his opponent. He understands the route that’s coming, he’s prepared for the ball when it comes and then you go to finish those plays,” Coombs said Oct. 8. “He’s the guy that wants to make plays, that needs to make plays for our team to be successful.” Roby’s decision will likely help solidify Meyer’s Buckeyes as one of the early favorites for the 2014 BCS National Championship. read more

Opinion 5 players on defense to watch in 2015 Ohio State Spring

Then-freshman linebacker Raekwon McMillan (2) attempts to make a tackle during a game against Wisconsin on Dec. 6 in Indianapolis. OSU won, 59-0.Credit: Mark Batke / Photo EditorWith the Ohio State Spring Game just days away, there are still a few positions with vacancies.Defensive linemen Michael Bennett and Steve Miller join linebacker Curtis Grant and cornerback Doran Grant as members of the OSU defense who will not return after the title run in 2014.With that in mind, I took a look at five players you should watch in Saturday’s game to either replace the former Buckeyes or at least get some playing time in 2015 on the defensive side of the ball.1. Redshirt-sophomore cornerback Gareon ConleyThe Massillon, Ohio, native was the first person mentioned by cornerbacks coach Kerry Coombs as the likely cornerback counterpart next to returning starter redshirt-sophomore Eli Apple.Conley earned one start in 2014 against the Michigan State Spartans, but after giving up big plays and a touchdown on the first drive of the game, was quickly replaced by a less-than-healthy Apple.With a spot open after Doran Grant’s departure, it is likely that the spot will be filled by either Conley or sophomore Damon Webb.Conley seemingly has the upper hand and a good showing in the Spring Game can only help his chances.2. Sophomore cornerback Damon Webb While Webb is behind Conley for the corner spot, there is a good chance he will still see significant playing time in 2015 at the nickel position.With Armani Reeves not returning because of health issues related to concussions, the nickel spot, which is usually reserved for passing downs, is wide open and it’s Webb’s job for the taking.Webb must have the skill to play, as he did not redshirt last season behind players like Doran Grant, Reeves, Apple and Conley.He appeared in nine games in 2014, and is sure to make an impact in 2015.3. Sophomore linebacker Raekwon McMillanMcMillan made an instant impact last season as a true freshman, collecting 54 total tackles and playing in all but one game in 2014.He is the odds-on favorite to take over for Curtis Grant at the middle linebacker position and could possibly be even better than the graduating senior.McMillan was constantly subbed in for Curtis Grant on passing downs last season and was clearly the better athlete. Don’t expect him to get too much playing time on Saturday, but watch to see how he communicates with his teammates as the new signal caller on defense.4. Senior defensive lineman Tommy SchuttCoach Urban Meyer said Monday that Schutt is currently the favorite to replace Bennett on the interior defensive line.Not quite yet the starter, Schutt has struggled throughout his OSU career battling injuries along with a lack of playing time. He has accumulated just 17 total tackles in his first three years as a Buckeye.The reason to watch him is not because he is going to be an impact player in the Spring Game, but rather to see how he reacts to being on the cusp of earning a starting job.5. Sophomore defensive lineman Jalyn HolmesMeyer said Monday that redshirt-sophomore Tyquan Lewis is the front-runner to replace Miller at defensive end, but Lewis will not play in the Spring Game because of a shoulder injury.That opens the door for a player like Holmes, who came to OSU as a four-star prospect out of Norfolk, Va.Holmes played in nine games last season, including the national title win over Oregon, and accumulated 11 tackles in those appearances.There is a good chance Holmes will play most of the game on Saturday, and a good showing could put make him a dark horse to unseat Lewis from the starting lineup.Kickoff is set for 1:30 p.m., and is set to follow the OSU lacrosse game against Maryland, which is set to start at 11 a.m. at Ohio Stadium. read more

Simeone praises Fiorentina teammate Muriel

first_imgAccording to the striker, the Colombian forward has had an instant impact in the Italian Lega Serie A team, and he’s settling in well.Colombian forward Luis Fernando Muriel joined Fiorentina in the Italian Lega Serie A on January 2nd as a loan from Spanish La Liga club Sevilla.And he immediately made an impact.The 27-year-old scored two goals against Sampdoria on Sunday in his first match with his new team.And for teammate Giovanni Simeone, this means it’s the right time to praise him for his work.“From his experience I can learn a lot, it’s the one that makes him make the difference in front of the opponent’s goal demonstrated already on Sunday,” Simeone told Calcio Mercato.Cristiano Ronaldo, JuventusSerie A Betting: Match-day 3 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Considering there is a number of perfect starts so early in the Serie A season, as well as a few surprisingly not-so perfect ones….“It gives further substance to the entire offensive department.”“From when he arrived, it immediately made us feel the great desire to do well, to leave the mark it has,” he added.“It is an incentive for everyone. We have to be smart to take advantage of this strong point and at the same time careful to close the spaces in case of restarting the adversaries.”“We have overcome Torino, an opponent who is not easy to beat, and we cannot stop, I believe that with the right push, let’s not forget that we will play at home,” Simeone added about the team’s next opponent.“Florence on our side, and the desire to go beyond any difficulty, we will be able to play it, we will fight to say our dream, win, and dream of a title with the club. And for all this, I’m working on it (smile)”.“What do they tell me when I go to Madrid?” Griezmann is very strong, like Godin and all the others. Many of them have seen me grow, there is a good estimate,” he concluded.last_img read more

10 Things to Know for Monday

first_imgAPPresident Donald Trump speaks at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla., Thursday, April 6, 2017, after the U.S. fired a barrage of cruise missiles into Syria Thursday night in retaliation for this week’s gruesome chemical weapons attack against civilians. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)100-DAY MARK NEARS AS BUDGET DEADLINE LOOMSAs the symbolic milestone approaches, Trump juggles a renewed health care push and his demands that a government funding bill should include money for the border wall with Mexico.WHO SHUT OUT POLITICAL MAINSTREAM FOR FRENCH PRESIDENCYThe May 7 runoff will be between far-right leader Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron, and French politicians on the moderate left and right are urging voters to block Le Pen’s path to power.NEW ORLEANS TO TAKE DOWN CONFEDERATE STATUESLouisiana would be the latest Southern institution to sever itself from symbols viewed by many as a representation racism and white supremacy.ARKANSAS SET FOR FIRST DOUBLE EXECUTION IN US SINCE 2000Two inmates who say they’re in poor health after decades on death row argue that their medical conditions could lead to extreme pain during lethal injections.WHO IS CONCERNED ABOUT TRUMP’S IMMIGRATION PLANFarmers, nursery and winery owners who depend on immigrant labor are predicting a catastrophe if those workers are arrested for being in America illegally.WHO IS BRACING FOR NORTH KOREA’S NEXT ACTTrump speaks by phone with both the Japanese and Chinese leaders as the allies urge restraint and calm in dealing with Kim Jong Un.AARON HERNANDEZ’S HOMETOWN PREPARES FOR FUNERALFamily and friends of the former NFL player will say their farewells during a private ceremony in Bristol, Connecticut.REPORT: ANTI-JEWISH BIAS INTENSIFIED DURING ELECTIONThe Anti-Defamation League found an increase in cases of anti-Semitic intimidation and vandalism last year.SHERYL SANDBERG CHOOSES ‘OPTION B’ FOR RESILIENCEThe new book by the Facebook executive recounts the death of her husband, her grief, and how she recovered from it.HOW DODGERS, YANKEES MAY AFFECT FREE AGENTSThe free-wheeling franchises are cutting payroll and their luxury tax bills — just as Bryce Harper, Manny Machado and perhaps Clayton Kershaw near the market. Sharelast_img read more

Queen of Hills returns to former glory within months of peace

first_imgKolkata: Within a few months of peace restoring in Darjeeling, it has once again turned out to be the favourite hill destination for people from different parts of the country and abroad alike.It may be mentioned that the tourism industry in Darjeeling had received a major hit, with trouble engulfing the Hills. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had taken necessary steps with requests from the people of the Hills and had held an all party meeting for restoration of peace. Subsequent steps were also taken for development in the Hills. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsAccording to Suvasree Ganguly, who looks after the operation part in the West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation, said: “Booking for the Darjeeling Tourist Lodge starts six months in advance and it remains booked most of the time.”There were also a good number of enquiries related to different tourist spots in Bengal, in the Parjatan Utsav 2018, that kicked off on Friday. It has been organised by the state’s Tourism Department and Travel Agents Association of Bengal, at Khudiram Anusilan Kendra. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedThe fair, that started on Friday, will continue till Sunday. It will remain open from 11 am to 8 pm. A total of 65 tour operators have participated in the fair.In the past few months, the transportation facilities have improved and people can now reach Darjeeling from the plains more easily.Besides Darjeeling, the people have also enquired about different places in the state, including places in North Bengal like Dooars and Lataguri.It may be mentioned that for the first time, a business summit was also organised exclusively for the Hills, which was held in Darjeeling. So, the number of people visiting Darjeeling for business purposes would also increase. It may be mentioned that the travel loving people of the state have also shared their interest of visiting other places in the country, during their visit in the fair. After listening to people, the operators felt that many of them are also showing interest in visiting places like Leh, Ladakh and some parts of the North East. People are favouring Leh and Ladakh, as at present Kashmir is not a favourable place for them to visit, owing to the situation prevailing there.It may be mentioned that now, people are also preferring to visit hamlets close to Darjeeling, where home stays are coming up in a big way. One of the main reasons for visiting such hamlets is to enjoy the scenic and natural beauty of the place. There are many such hamlets, where home stays are now available, from where clear view of Kanchenjungha is possible.It may be mentioned that with the development of infrastructure in the Hills, more tourists are getting attracted to Darjeeling and it is one of the reasons behind the increase in passenger load at Bagdogra Airport.last_img read more