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first_imgWebb removed GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Island (CMC): Jeffrey Webb, the disgraced former president of CONCACAF, has finally been removed as president of the Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA). CIFA made the announcement in a statement issued after an emergency meeting of its executive Monday night which followed Webb’s guilty plea in a probe into corruption in international football. Webb initially pleaded not guilty to the charges but US Department of Justice officials revealed last week that he has switched his plea and agreed to forfeit more than US$6 million of ill-gotten gains. Putin moves to end WCup 2018 delays MOSCOW (AP): President Vladimir Putin has demanded delays in construction of 2018 World Cup projects be quickly overcome. After chairing a meeting on Russia’s preparations yesterday, Putin says there have been “certain difficulties” at various facilities, and he highlighted the Baltic port of Kaliningrad, where “delays there should be fixed as quickly as possible.”last_img read more

A kid’s game: Burns, Pavelski turn All-Star Game into family affair

first_imgSAN JOSE — The children of Sharks players Brent Burns and Joe Pavelski were front and center Friday night at the NHL All-Star Skills Competition at SAP Center.Peyton Burns, Brent’s daughter, interviewed players on the red carpet on their way into the building and Jagger Burns and Nathan Pavelski skated onto the ice for warm-ups with all of the Western Conference players.Jagger and Nathan stood beside their dads as they, along with Erik Karlsson, were individually introduced before the …last_img read more

Raiders fans creatively turn Antonio Brown jerseys into Tim Brown jerseys

first_imgIt happens to every red-hot fanatic when his/her favorite athlete dishonors the colors: What do you do with the old jersey? You could dump in the garbage, but does that give you the symbolic closure you crave?You can douse it in kerosene and flip matches at it from a safe distance. The risk there is that you many wind up having a conversation with the fire marshal.Antonio Brown dishonored the Silver and Black in spectacular fashion without even playing a down in an exhibition game. Thoughts …last_img read more

South African film shines at Zanzibar festival

first_imgSmall boys with big dreams – often it isfrom these humble beginnings that futurestars emerge. Singer Simphiwe Dana makes a strongacting debut as Themba’s mother Mandisa.(Images: Themba) Young Themba and his best friend Sipho.(Image: alpha medienkontor GmbH)MEDIA CONTACTS • Joy SapiekaPublicist+27 73 212 5492• Helene TurveyPublicist+27 76 024 2993RELATED ARTICLES• South African film a hit at Cannes• New film tackles race with hunour• 2010 opportunities for SA film• New Afrikaans film a hit• Global acclaim for SA filmJanine ErasmusSouth African film Themba: A Boy Called Hope, directed by Pretoria-born Stefanie Sycholt, has scooped the Unicef Child Rights Award at the 2010 Zanzibar International Film Festival (Ziff).Sycholt received the prize from Unicef Germany board member Anne Luetkes at the film’s Cologne premiere on 1 August 2010.Every year since 2004 international child rights organisation Unicef has presented the award to a film that it feels best represents the struggle to uphold children’s basic rights in the Eastern and Southern African region.The film also took the Golden Dhow award for the festival’s best feature film.Last year’s Unicef winner was Mother Unknown, a film by Sudanese director Taghreed Alsanhouri about infants born out of wedlock in Khartoum, who become innocent victims of the stigma surrounding such situations. Alsanhouri received her award from US film star and Unicef Goodwill Ambassador Danny Glover.Directors interested in competing for the Unicef Child Rights Award at next year’s festival can email ziff@ziff.or.tz.The best of African cinemaThe Zanzibar International Film Festival took place between 10 and 18 July 2010, mainly in Stone Town, the old part of Zanzibar City, located on Unguja Island. This is East Africa’s only functional historical town and is a Unesco World Heritage site.Some events took place on Pemba Island, the other main island in the Zanzibar archipelago, and mainland Tanzania.Ziff is said to be East Africa’s largest festival for film, music and the arts. Attendance at the 2009 event was around 45 000 in Stone Town alone, with over 200 000 attending screenings elsewhere in Zanzibar and on the mainland. Of these, 12 000 came from abroad. The films on show represented 43 countries.This year’s event coincided with the 2010 Fifa World Cup, which took place in South Africa. Themba’s award is therefore especially fitting as football is one of the film’s central themes, and the film’s South African premiere took place during the tournament.The film is garnering rave reviews from all over the world. On the Internet Movie Database it has a score of 7.6 out of 10. It is currently showing at the Labia on Orange in Cape Town.Breaking down barriers through footballThe story is based on Crossing the Line by German-Dutch author Lutz van Dijk, now resident in Cape Town. Van Dijk is a founding member of the NGO Homes for Kids on South Africa, which cares for HIV-positive children and those affected by HIV/Aids, when their families or neighbours are unable to.He based the story on his own experience running a children’s home in the turbulent township of Masiphumelele, on the west side of the Cape Peninsula.Sycholt, who took part of her degree studies under Nobel literature laureate John Maxwell Coetzee, said she was inspired to bring the book to the big screen as soon as she read it, as it was an inspirational coming-of-age story rather than one of despair and hopelessness. She later wrote the screen adaptation.“Themba’s story is universal,” she said. “It’s not a football movie that builds up to one match at the end. Football is an important element though; it’s an element of hope in the boy’s life.”The film focuses on young Themba (an Nguni word meaning “hope”), played by 21-year-old Nat Singo, who admitted that he was attracted by the “amazing script”. The sporty nature of the film, however, was something of a challenge for him.Themba is a talented footballer and has great ambitions of one day becoming a star, but first must overcome a number of challenges; HIV, violence, poverty, and more.Themba’s father, a miner in the northern parts of South Africa, no longer sends money for the family. His best friend Sipho recently lost his mother to Aids, becoming yet another statistic in the growing number of child-headed households. However, because of the shame associated with the condition, the family has secretly buried her in the backyard and pretends to the community that all is well.While still young, the two boys develop an interest in the Beautiful Game and later Themba joins the Lion Strikers football team. However, on the eve of the regional championship finals he is raped by his mother’s lover, and escapes to Cape Town to seek her, taking his sister with him, but abandoning the match.They find their mother but realise from her frail condition that she is seriously ill – later she reveals that she has Aids, and even with treatment, it would be a long time before she would be well enough to work again.Themba is forced to look for odd jobs around the city, and finally plucks up the courage to phone Big John Jacobs, who had made contact with the boy during the regional tournament, to ask him for work.Jacobs, the Ajax Cape Town football coach and talent scout, is played by Former German goalkeeper and World Cup player Jens Lehmann, who makes his on-screen debut as in the film.But Jacobs has other plans for the boy, and he is invited to practise with the team. One of the players is injured before a big match, and Themba finally gets his chance to hit the pitch.Multi-talented castLehmann is joined by South African football veteran Doctor Khumalo, of Kaiser Chiefs and Bafana Bafana fame, as well as popular local screen star Rapulana Seiphemo as Themba’s father.Other performers include Kagiso Mtetwa as Sipho, local songbird Simphiwe Dana as Themba’s loving mother Mandisa, and Patrick Mofokeng as her jobless lover.Filming wrapped just as the 2009 Confederations Cup came to a close, and took place largely in Cape Town and the rural areas around Port St Johns in the Eastern Cape province. This part of the country has been hard hit by HIV/Aids, and is also one of the poorest provinces. The visuals of this stark and impoverished region are superb.Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, a keen supporter of the film, said it reminded him of his own childhood in a small village in the former Transvaal, now Gauteng.The young Tutu, like Themba, had hopes of rising above poverty and making something of himself in the world. “In football, Themba seems to be a lot better than I was,” Tutu said, adding that he wished the film “all possible success”./index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=555:global-acclaim-for-sa-film&catid=42:land_news&Itemid=110last_img read more

BJP moves to cut excess supply of Nira dam water to Baramati

first_imgThe Maharashtra government has cleared a proposal of the Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation (MKVDC) to cut off the ‘excess’ water supply from the left bank canal of the Nira-Deoghar dam to Baramati, the bastion of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar.The approval by the State Water Resources Department, seen as a setback for Mr. Pawar, comes after Ranjeetsinh Naik-Nimbalkar, the newly-elected BJP MP from Madha (in Solapur) along with other leaders of the district including Ranjitsinh Mohite-Patil, raised objections about Baramati drawing excess water for irrigation, thus depriving the water-scarce areas in Solapur and Satara.While the BJP’s ‘water stratagem’, which comes ahead of the crucial Maharashtra Assembly polls, is being viewed in some quarters as a means to politically checkmate Mr. Pawar, water experts have expressed concern at the opaque manner in which parties and politicians — from the NCP and the BJP — subverted water rules for political gain.Noted water expert Pradeep Purandare said no notification was issued in this case nor was there any information in the public domain. Further, there was no reference to the Maharashtra Irrigation Act of 1976 (MIA 76) or any such pertinent legislation before diverting the excess water from the Nira Deoghar left bank, he added.“The lack of any official notification has effectively precluded public debate in this case. Such a vital decision to divert water, especially at a time when the entire State is the throes of acute water scarcity, should not be taken without opinion of the people of those areas,” said Mr. Purandare, a former associate professor at the Aurangabad-based Water and Land Management Institute (WALMI).He further pointed out that the Canal Advisory Committee, which ought to be functioning as a policy instrument, appeared weak and easily subject to the pressure of ruling politicos and parties.The waters from the Bhatgar dam (on the Yelwandi River) flow into the Veer dam on the Nira River. From Veer, the waters are channelled to the Nira Left Bank Canal (NLBC), which was completed in 1886, and the Nira Right Bank Canal (NRBC) which became operational in 1937-38.The NLBC services the Baramati and Indapur taluks, strongholds of Mr. Pawar and senior Congress leader Harshawardhan Patil respectively.The NRBC services Phaltan in Satara district and the arid tehsils of Malshiras, Sangola and Pandharpur in Solapur district (which form part of the Madha Lok Sabha constituency).According to the recommendations of a 1954 project report on the Veer dam, 57% of the waters of the Bhatgar dam were to flow through the NRBC, while the remaining 43% was allotted to tehsils serviced by the NLBC.Meanwhile, the Nira Deoghar dam (on the Nira river) with the aim to enhance irrigation in this region was completed in 2007.The project envisages two canals, a 208-km right bank canal, which will cater to the irrigation needs of Khandala and Phaltan (in Satara) and Malshiras, Pandharpur and Sangola (in Solapur) and a 21-km left bank canal to service Purandar, Baramati and Indapur in Pune district.The canals of the Nira-Deoghar are distinct from the old NLBC and NRBC of the Veer dam. However, only 65 km (of the 208 km) of the Nira Deoghar right bank canal is complete, with scant progress on the left bank as well.The ruling BJP including Mr. Naik-Nimbalkar have alleged that Ajit Pawar, the then Water Resources Minister in the erstwhile NCP-Congress government, had tweaked rules in 2007 to assign 60% of the allocated water to the Nira Deoghar left bank to bring more water to Baramati, while leaving 40% of the water for tehsils in Solapur and Satara.According to the BJP, the Congress-NCP extended this water allotment ‘agreement’ in April 2012 for a further five years – till April 2017. “The objective of the Nira Deoghar dam was to supply water to the parched districts. Instead, the leaders of Baramati [the Pawar clan] have bent the rules to ensure that only their taluk received water. This new order has ensured that justice denied for 12 years to the parched areas in Satara and Solapur has been finally redressed,” said Mr. Naik-Nimbalkar.He said that as the old ‘agreement’ had now expired, the new order, was issued on the basis of the 1954 water allotment (as recommended by the report on the Veer project).With the new government order, all the available water in the Nira Deoghar dam is likely to be channelled to the right bank areas to benefit the Solapur and Satra tehsils, while cutting off the Baramati and Indapur areas.“However, this water will have to be channelled through the old NRBC as the right bank canal of the Nira Deoghar dam is incomplete,” said Mr. Purandare.The important point in this labyrinthine dispute, he observes, is that both the NCP and the BJP’s methods of water allotment were “nebulous”.“When the NCP came up with the 60:40 water allotment rule for the Nira-Deoghar dam, it was utterly unclear as to who assented to this and who the contracting parties are. Likewise, the BJP’s ‘settling’ of this water score, while politically justified perhaps, is casual in method and procedure,” said another water expert, requesting anonymity.last_img read more

Ailing CPI(M) leader Tarigami shifted to AIIMS

first_imgAiling CPI(M) leader M.Y. Tarigami, who has been under house arrest for over a month in Srinagar, was shifted to AIIMS here on Monday morning, officials said. Accompanied by a doctor, a relative and a police officer, Tarigami arrived here and was immediately taken to AIIMS, the officials said. The Supreme Court had on Thursday said that Tarigami should be shifted “at the earliest” to “the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi, from Srinagar, where he is under house arrest.” He had been put under house arrested in the early hours of August 5 when the Centre abrogated special status to Jammu and Kashmir under the Constitution.last_img read more

Mahatma Gandhi birth anniversary: Gujarat Congress to launch Yatra from Sept. 27

first_imgGujarat Congress will organise separate marches from Porbandar and Dandi to Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, a senior party leader said on Tuesday. Porbandar is the birthplace of the Father of the Nation while Dandi in Navsari district is associated with the famous Salt March led by Gandhi in 1930 against the British.“These marches under a week-long ‘Gandhi Sandesh Yatra’ will be taken out on September 27. They will culminate at Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad on October 2,” said State Congress President Amit Chavda. Leader of Opposition in the Gujarat Assembly Paresh Dhanani will lead the 412-km march between Porbandar and Ahmedabad and Chavda from Dandi and Ahmedabad, a distance of 368 km, he said. Participants of both the Yatras will meet at Kochrab Ashram in Ahmedabad, set up by Mahatma Gandhi, on October 2, from where they will march on foot towards Sabarmati Ashram, a distance of 8 kms, Mr. Chavda said.He said the ‘Gandhi Sandesh Yatra’ has been organised to foil the “contemporary designs to destroy Gandhian ideology and impose the ideology of (Nathuram) Godse on public”.“During the marches, members of the Congress will organise Gandhi ‘satsangs’ (discourses) and ‘bhajans’ to spread the message of communal harmony and social unity. ‘Prabhat Feri’ or morning rally will also be organised before resumption of yatras,” Mr. Chavda added. He said the Congress will also organise seminars, debates and essay competitions in schools and colleges on topics related to Gandhi.“During the British Raj, the country faced the problem of social inequality, communal polarisation, poverty, atrocities on women and weaker sections. There were attempts to target a certain section, and keep the poor and farmers out of the mainstream. The rulers of today are acting in a manner that will even put the British Raj to shame,” he alleged. He said the Congress has decided to launch a “second independence movement” through these yatras.last_img read more

IPL 2019: Mumbai Indians crush Chennai Super Kings to reach 5th final

first_imgRahul Chahar starred with the ball while Suryakumar Yadav hit a classy 71 not out as Mumbai Indians defeated defending champions Chennai Super Kings by 6 wickets on Tuesday in Qualifier 1 of the 2019 Indian Premier League at Chepauk to reach their 5th final.Mumbai Indians had first reached the final in 2010 when they lost to Chennai Super Kings. In 2013, 2015 and 2017, Mumbai Indians won the IPL.Chennai Super Kings will play the winner of the Eliminator between Delhi Capitals and Sunrisers Hyderabad in Qualifier 2 on May 10 for another shot at the title clash. This is the 3rd time season that Mumbai Indians defeated CSK this season and on Tuesday, they continued their 9-year unbeaten run at the M.A. Chidambaram Stadium.In 2019, Chennai Super Kings have relied on their spinners to waylay visiting teams on slow, low surfaces. But Mumbai Indians paid CSK back in their own coin in a high-stakes game. Leg-spinner Rahul Chahar picked 2 for 14 off 4 overs while Krunal Pandya and Jayant Yadav snared crucial wickets before the powerplay to pave the way for MI’s 5th final..@mipaltan are your first finalists!#MI beat CSK by 6 wickets at the Chepauk. #MIvCSK pic.twitter.com/tCozVvZjuzIndianPremierLeague (@IPL) May 7, 2019Chasing a modest 132, Mumbai Indians lost Rohit Sharma to Deepak Chahar in the 1st over while Harbhajan Singh dismissed Quinton de Kock the 4th over.CSK would have hoped to make it a little more difficult for MI at that stage but Suryakumar Yadav and Ishan Kishan kept their calm and played some scintillating shots to in their 80-run partnership.advertisementMS Dhoni tried everything – he got two slips when Ishan Kishan was facing up to Harbhajan Singh but Kishan responded with a huge six on the on-side and showed he was not going to be intimidated. At the other end, Suryakumar showed why he is among the best batsmen in domestic cricket. His footwork was top class, he found the gaps with precision, ran hard and kept the Super Kings under constant pressure.There were a few dramatic moments in the game as CSK sought to fight back. Imran Tahir dismissed Ishan Kishan (28) and Krunal Pandya off successive deliveries. Ravindra Jadeja then induced an edge off Suryakumar Yadav but Shane Watson, at first slip, failed to hold on to a sharp chance.After a few nervous moments, Suryakumar Yadav broke the shackles with a nicely timed boundary off Ravindra Jadeja in the 15th over. In the next over, Tahir’s last, Hardik Pandya got off the mark with a boundary and as the runs kept coming, CSK knew a flight to Vizag was imminent.Earlier in the evening, Chennai Super Kings batted after MS Dhoni won the toss but they were unable to deal with the Mumbai Indians spinners. Rahul Chahar, Jayant Yadav and Krunal Pandya accounted for Faf du Plessis, Suresh Raina and Shane Watson as CSK slipped to 32 for 3 off 6 overs.Murali Vijay who replaced an injured Kedar Jadhav started off well but he fell to a terrific delivery from Rahul Chahar – the ball turned sharply and Quinton de Kock completed a brilliant stumping. Chepauk was stunned into silence for the better part of the first hour but there was a huge noise as MS Dhoni walked out to the middle.MS Dhoni has papered over a lot of CSK’s batting flaws this summer but it was going to be an uphill task against MI’s spinners and Jasprit Bumrah. Dhoni looked to rattle the visitors when he charged down the track to hit Jayant Yadav for a six but there was not much else from his blade Tuesday night.MS Dhoni and Ambati Rayudu added an unbroken 66-run stand for the 5th wicket which helped CSK post 131 for 4 off their 20 overs. But as they found out later, it was not going to be enough against a powerful batting line-up like Mumbai Indians.CSK will now play the winner of the Eliminator between DC and SRH to try and make it to the final for the 8th time.Also Read | MS Dhoni not intimidated by Mumbai Indians’ superior record vs CSKlast_img read more