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Japan’s first human case of avian flu was minor

first_imgDec 22, 2004 (CIDRAP News) – Tests have confirmed that a man who worked on a Japanese farm during an outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza last February had Japan’s first human case of avian flu, though he never became seriously ill, officials announced today.The man was tested for the virus twice, and the second test showed an increase in antibodies, confirming infection, according to a report by Agence France-Presse (AFP). Four other people tested positive for antibodies but were tested only once; they were regarded has having had “highly possible” cases, the story said.None of the five developed influenza, although the employee with the confirmed case did report a sore throat for a few days after taking antiviral medication, AFP reported. Four of the people worked at a poultry farm where the avian flu outbreak occurred. The fifth was a local government worker who helped disinfect the farm.The five were not expected to pose a public health problem “as there is no possibility that they will develop such symptoms or infect other people,” according to a government statement quoted by AFP.Health ministry officials took several months to complete diagnosis of the human infection because they used extra care in the face of a lack of established rules for testing for H5N1, the story said.A Japanese government research team said this H5N1 strain was virtually identical to strains found in South Korea, AFP reported. The agriculture ministry today banned poultry imports from South Korea until further notice.The affected employees hadn’t worn protective clothing, according to a story today by the Vietnam News Agency (VNA). That might have been due to attempts to cover up the outbreak, AFP reported.Two people died last March in an apparent double suicide related to the outbreak, AFP said. The chairman of Asada Nosan Co., which owned the affected poultry farm, was found dead, along with his wife. In August, their son was sentenced to a 1-year jail term, which was suspended for 3 years, for failing to report the outbreak.last_img read more

Become ambassadors of the Culinary Heritage of Split-Dalmatia County

first_imgRecently, the Culinary Heritage of the Split-Dalmatia County was presented in the Split-Dalmatia County, which became a member of the network, Regional Culinary Heritage Europe, which was developed in Sweden and Denmark in 1995.Specifically, it is about obtaining an internationally recognized gastro label that is a trademark of regional food and culinary tradition that guarantees a unique standard, but also opens up a number of opportunities for the presentation of indigenous products in foreign markets. Split-Dalmatia County is the holder of membership in Culinary Heritage Europe, and the Development Agency of Split-Dalmatia County, JU RERA coordinates the entire project. Thus, those who have the label become ambassadors of the Culinary Heritage of the Split-Dalmatia County.” The facilities that have this sign guarantee that its products grew under our sun, in our country, in our sea and rivers, and that they were prepared by our hands and in our way.“Points out Ivanka Luetić Boban, expert associate JU RERA and points out that we are part of a large family of culinary heritage across Europe made up of 1505 members from 44 regions. Each member receives a label that should be placed in a visible place and in this way he guarantees the authenticity and tradition of his gastronomic offer, and visibility for foreign tourists who have already recognized the label from long European countries.One of the main goals of the project is to revive and encourage the development of regions through indigenous culinary heritage, production of indigenous traditional products and include them in the local catering and tourism offer with special emphasis on rural households, which ultimately results in increased competitiveness and visibility. So far, 28 business entities in the Split-Dalmatia County have been members that have met the required criteria, and all articles are translated into 20 foreign languages ​​and are included in the common web project platform.All this has a strong impact on the development of tourism in general, economic development with emphasis on the inclusion of local agricultural products in the catering offer, increasing employment of local people and general care for the environment and individual health, but also demographic renewal.The increase in views of our site since we joined has increased by 900%, which only speaks of how membership was a good move, says Luetic Boban and adds that thanks to the rich history of Split-Dalmatia County has a very diverse cuisine because many who “stayed” here left its impact. “It is our one great treasure, and our indigenous food is what makes us different. It is precisely our trump card, in addition to the beauty of the country, to offer that taste of food and drink that is unique and that the guest will taste and carry the memory of it. We have to offer what guests will not be able to eat or drink anywhere. ” concludes Luetić Boban and adds that they want to include other counties in Croatia in this project, in order to promote our indigenous cuisine and wealth throughout Europe.Among the members are five protected intangible cultural assets of the Republic of Croatia: Sinjska arambaša, hrapoćuša cake, macaroni cake, Poljica soparnik, vitalac, and soon they hope to protect varenik, bikle and Imotski cake. You can follow the project through Facebook pages.The ultimate goal in tourism can be summed up – to offer guests what has grown in our country, under our sun, in our sea and rivers and prepared in our way. This is exactly the main ingredient of tourism – authenticity. Because the motive for travel is to get to know a new way and culture of living. Let’s be what we are – Croats. It must be our main tourist product, our authentic story, not a copy.Become an ambassador of the Culinary Heritage of the Split-Dalmatia County, the invitation is open to everyone.last_img read more

Easier access for people with disabilities to Diocletian’s Palace

first_imgIn order to improve access to frequent locations within Diocletian’s Palace for people with limited mobility, the City of Split received a non-refundable 270 thousand euros through the EU’s Usefall project.Tim je novcem predviđeno postavljanje dizala u Zlatnim vratima, platforme ili dizala na istočnom ulazu u povijesnu jezgru, kod Srebrnih vrata, te kosog dizala i rampe na zapadnom ulazu u povijesnu jezgru, unutar dva prolaza s Trga Republike prema susjednim ulicama. Izradit će se i mapa s informacijama o dostupnosti kulturnih objekata osobama s invaliditetom, a organizirati će se i radionice za turističke vodiče, predstavnike udruga, kulturnih ustanova kako bi ih se informiralo o cijelom projektu. Projekt će trajati 18 mjeseci, a provodit će se zajedno s partnerima iz Italije i Hrvatske, Comune di Ravenna, Fondazione Aquileia, Venetian heritage cluster and the City of Poreč.It is important to note that the City of Split is a continuation of the implemented EU project “EX.PO.AUS” implemented under the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Program. The general goal of the program is to increase the prosperity of the coastal area and develop the potential of “blue growth” by encouraging cross-border partnerships. organizations and entities bordering the Adriatic coast, activating a number of initiatives that can simultaneously stimulate the economy and environmental protection of the Adriatic basin.

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Jadrolinija’s reaction to the problem of traffic jams at the entrance to the port of Supetar

first_imgLast week we wrote about the problem of heavy traffic jams at the ferry port in Supetar, where huge crowds are created during the season, and tourists have to wait for more than three ferry arrivals to board the ferry to Split, which is at least frustrating for tourists and has a bad effect on tourism.In the city of Supetar, they are aware of the problem, and through the Municipal Company GRAD doo, which is owned by the city of Supetar, they increase the number of employees in the port and traffic wardens, and as they point out, they have been writing to Jadrolinija since 2016 So recently, they again sent a request to Jadrolinija to try to solve the problem together.”I don’t know how many times we want to inform you about the growing problem of traffic jams in the port of Supetar, caused by the impossibility of all vehicles to board the ferry to Split in adequate time. Namely, as you should know best, in recent years there has been a constant increase in the number of vehicles and passengers in the ferry port Supetar and they are “former” exclusively weekend crowds and for the whole week in the period from July 15 to August 31 and even and by mid-September.”Points out Marijana Šemanović in a statement and request to Jadrolinija, director of the Utility Company GRAD doo and adds that congestion leads to total traffic collapse, resentment and nervousness of tourists as well as negative images for the island of Brac, Supetar and the entire Croatian tourism.At our request from Jadrolinija, they point out that they understand the situation in the port of Supetar and introduce additional lines in a situation where a ship is available, and that they informed the regulator of regular passenger traffic on the Adriatic, the Agency for Coastal Shipping, about this issue.“Jadrolinija, like all other shipowners on the Adriatic, maintains the sailing schedule in accordance with the sailing schedule defined by the Coastal Shipping Agency and in accordance with the signed concession agreements. Annual sailing schedules are coordinated with representatives of local government and self-government, the Agency and shipowners. However, additionally on lines where possible and where traffic requires, and at the request of local government, Jadrolinija regularly introduces additional travel, both in season and throughout the year, with the approval of the Agency. The regulator of regular passenger traffic on the Adriatic is the Coastal maritime transport (headquarters in Split; It prescribes all the rules and conditions for the maintenance of each line, such as the sailing schedule, ticket prices and the type and required capacity of ships for all shipowners. The agency has a contract signed with each shipowner for the maintenance of the line, which is awarded to the shipowner by public tender. Regarding the request of the City of Supetar, Jadrolinija understands the situation in the port of Supetar and introduces additional lines in the situation when a ship is available for that. Also, the letter was forwarded to the Agency as the competent authority regarding possible changes in the sailing schedule. ” stand out from Jadrolinija.SUPETAR HAS BEEN REQUESTING THE INTRODUCTION OF AN ADDITIONAL FERRY LINE FOR YEARS DUE TO TRAFFIC CROWDS, JADROLINIJA DOES NOT RESPONDlast_img read more

CNTB re-launches promotional campaign and prize game “Epic Week in Croatia – Returns”

first_img“This is one of the well-received promotional campaigns of the Croatian National Tourist Board, which has reached over 60 million people in its four editions so far. We are launching the continuation of the campaign this year as well, at the request of the fans themselves, who have expressed great interest and desire to participate in the prize draw with numerous messages. That is why we expect an excellent response and promotional results during the implementation of this continuation of the campaign, in which we will once again present Croatia as a country with a rich and wide offer where everyone can find many interesting things for themselves.”, Said the director of the CNTB, Kristjan Staničić. The Croatian National Tourist Board is launching a promotional campaign and a prize game on the social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which will be entitled “Epic Week in Croatia – Returns“. The campaign will be active from Friday, April 26 to May 15, 2019 in the markets of Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia and other countries, reports the Croatian National Tourist Board. The last continuation of the campaign called “Epic week – Last call” was conducted in September last year and on that occasion reached 11 million people, and more than eight thousand new fans began to follow the channels of the Croatian Tourist Board on social networks. At that time, more than 13 competitors took part in the prize draw. The main prize is won by the person who has the best argumentative description of why she deserves a trip to Croatia as part of which she will experience everything she has chosen for her ideal vacation. As part of this continuation of the campaign, the Croatian Tourist Board is giving away an additional thematic day of rest and stay in one of the Croatian destinations to the selected program of winners. center_img The concept of the “Epic Week” campaign allows participants to create an ideal vacation through a specially designed website in which among the 219 activities offered, those that make up someone’s dream vacation are selected. Participants can choose locations, sights, cities, but also the tastes they want to experience during their visit to Croatia. All those who shared the selected activities on social networks participate in the prize game, and those whose posts have collected the largest number of “likes” enter the grand finale. Source: Croatian tourist agencylast_img read more

Urban tourism: education on the development of destination continental tourism

first_imgThe project holder is the Development Agency of the City of Slavonski Brod, and the partners are the Regional Development Agency Panonreg from Subotica, the Tourist Cluster Fund of the Subotica Palić microregion from Subotica and the Tourist Cluster “Slavonian Basket” from Slavonski Brod. As part of the project entitled “Explore CRO-SRB – Extraordinary Pleasure of Our Region – Common gastro, eco & recreation routes of Croatia & Serbia” is co-financed under the Interreg IPA CBC Cross-border Cooperation Program Croatia-Serbia 2014-2020, is held educational lecture as well as presentation of gastro, eco and recreational tours. Education will take place 14.07.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX in Čepin (Black Pig Restaurant) starting at 11.00. Participation in trainings free of charge with mandatory online registration via the following form or link The aim of the project is to bring the gastro, eco and recreational offer of Eastern Croatia and Northern Bačka closer to the guests and go beyond the standard menu. Designed educational lectures are aimed at greater efficiency of the tourism sector, introducing tourism workers to the latest technologies and trends and improving their business. All visitors will have the opportunity to hear examples from practice on the spot, but also to create new contacts from tourist areas.last_img read more

Valamar additionally rewards its employees for a successful half-season

first_imgValamar is the first employer in tourism in Croatia to pay its employees with an indefinite contract at the time of payment and all employees who will be employed for a definite period of time in 2019 for at least 10 months, the 13th salary in the net amount of HRK 5.000 in December. Valamar also provides its employees with a guarantee of a minimum net income in the amount of HRK 5.000 to 7.500 net for a full monthly fund of hours worked. In order to additionally reward its employees, Valamar Riviera will pay a special reward for the successful completion of the first part of the tourist season.  Cover photo: Valamar Riviera “We did a successful first part of the season, and our employees are doing a great job for which we decided to reward them further. We are proud to be recognized as a top employer in tourism and as one of the best employers in Croatia. “, said Ines Damjanić Šturman, director of the human resources department at Valamar Riviera, adding that the awards will be paid in August with a salary / compensation for July.center_img The award in the net amount of HRK 500 will be paid to all employees for an indefinite and definite period of time, who will be employed on 31 July and will work for at least half a month throughout July. Pupils and students who will also work for at least two weeks during the month of July will be paid a reward in the net amount of HRK 300. This year, Valamar will pay all employees for an indefinite period of time at the time of payment in the net amount of HRK 2.000, and reward employees with a fixed-term contract with a reward for seasonal work in the net amount of HRK 700 to 1.500, depending on the work done. number of hours. last_img read more

CBS: Domestic tourists in the first nine months of 2019 realized 6,2 million overnight stays

first_imgTourists in the age group of 55 to 64 realized the most overnight stays In the group Resorts and similar facilities for short vacations, 192 thousand rooms and suites were available to tourists (which is 53,8% of the total number of available rooms and suites) with 510 thousand permanent beds (which is 54,7% of the total number of available permanent beds). In Continental Croatia, in the first nine months, most tourist nights were realized in the City of Zagreb (almost 2,0 million overnight stays) and in Rakovica (285 thousand overnight stays). In Continental Croatia, most tourist nights are in the City of Zagreb and Rakovica In September, fewer arrivals, but more tourist nights than in September 2018. RELATED NEWS: In September 2019, tourists in the age group from 55 to 64 realized the most overnight stays, 2,2 million, which is 20,8% of the total overnight stays. They are followed by tourists in the age group of 65 and over with almost 2,0 million overnight stays, which is 18,9% of the total overnight stays. In the first nine months of 2019, foreign tourists realized almost 16,0 million arrivals and 80,4 million overnight stays, which is 3,8% more arrivals and 0,9% more overnight stays compared to the first nine months of 2018. Most overnight stays of foreign tourists realized tourists from Germany (23,7%), Slovenia (9,0%), Austria (8,4%) and Poland (7,2%). In the first nine months of 2019, domestic tourists realized 1,8 million arrivals and 6,2 million overnight stays, which is 9,8% more arrivals and 9,6% more overnight stays than in the same period in 2018. Most tourist nights in rooms, apartments and holiday homes In September 2019, 2,2 million tourist arrivals and 10,4 million tourist nights were realized in commercial accommodation facilities, which is a decrease in tourist arrivals by 0,9%, but an increase in overnight stays by 1,8% compared to September 2018. In Adriatic Croatia, domestic tourists spent most nights in Crikvenica, and foreign tourists in Dubrovnik Domestic tourists realized 176 thousand arrivals and 505 thousand overnight stays, which is an increase of arrivals by 3,3% and an increase of overnight stays by 5,7% compared to September 2018. Foreign tourists realized almost 2,0 million arrivals and 9,9 million overnight stays, which is a decrease in arrivals by 1,3% but an increase in overnight stays by 1,6% compared to September 2018. In September 2019, the highest number of tourist nights was realized in rooms, apartments and holiday homes, 4,3 million overnight stays, which is 41,8% of the total number of overnight stays. Compared to September 2018, the number of tourist arrivals in rooms, apartments and holiday homes decreased by 0,2% and the number of overnight stays by 3,9%. The highest number of overnight stays of foreign tourists in September 2019 was realized by tourists from Germany, 3,1 million overnight stays (31,0% of the total overnight stays of foreign tourists), and tourists from Austria, with 970 thousand overnight stays (9,8% of the total) realized overnight stays of foreign tourists). Compared to September 2018, tourists from Germany increased their overnight stays by 0,8%, while tourists from Austria decreased their overnight stays by 0,2%. Cover photo: Maistracenter_img Dubrovnik has the highest number of tourist nights In the first nine months of 2019, foreign tourists spent the most nights in Dubrovnik, Rovinj – Rovigno, Poreč – Parenzo, Medulin and Split, which is 19,3% of the total number of nights spent by foreign tourists in Adriatic Croatia. In the first nine months of 2019, tourists realized 17,7 million arrivals and 86,6 million overnight stays in commercial accommodation facilities, which is an increase in tourist arrivals by 4,4% and an increase in overnight stays by 1,5% compared to the same period in 2018. , according to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). In September 2019, the highest number of tourist nights was realized in Dubrovnik, 584 thousand, of which foreign tourists realized 98,3% and domestic 1,7%. Compared to September 2018, Dubrovnik had 2,5% more arrivals and 1,6% more tourist nights. Tourists from the United Kingdom realized the highest number of overnight stays in Dubrovnik, 144 thousand, which is 25,1% of the total number of overnight stays of foreign tourists in Dubrovnik. It is followed by Rovinj, where tourists realized 490 thousand overnight stays, of which foreign tourists realized 96,3% of overnight stays and domestic 3,7%. Compared to September 2018, Rovinj – Rovigno had 2,7% fewer arrivals and 1,5% fewer tourist nights. Tourists from Germany realized the most overnight stays, 198 thousand, which is 41,9% of the total overnight stays of foreign tourists in Rovinj – Rovigno. Source: CBS Source: CBS In September 2019, there were 358 thousand rooms, suites and camping places with 933 thousand permanent beds available to tourists. Most overnight stays of foreign tourists in the City of Zagreb were realized by tourists from the USA, 145 thousand overnight stays, which is 8,6% of the total number of overnight stays of foreign tourists. In Rakovica, most overnight stays of foreign tourists were realized by tourists from Germany, 52 thousand overnight stays, which is 18,9% of the total overnight stays of foreign tourists. In the group Resorts and similar facilities for short breaks available the most accommodation units This is followed by overnight stays of tourists from the United Kingdom (7,4%), Poland (6,2%), the Czech Republic (5,7%), Slovenia (5,4%) and Italy (3,4%). TOURIST ACTIVITY OF THE POPULATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA IN 2018 Domestic tourists spent the most nights in the first nine months of 2019 in Crikvenica, Mali Lošinj, Vodice, Zadar and Šibenik, which is 19,5% of the total number of nights spent by domestic tourists in Adriatic Croatia. In the group Hotels and similar accommodation, there were 81 thousand rooms and suites available to tourists (which is 22,7% of the total number of available rooms and suites) with 170 thousand permanent beds (which is 18,2% of the total number of available permanent beds) . The average occupancy of rooms was 75,6%, and permanent beds 71,5%. Most overnight stays of tourists from Germany and Austrialast_img read more

Ordinance on postponement or exemption from payment of tourist tax

first_imgAttachment: Official Gazette: Ordinance on deferment or exemption from payment of tourist tax for persons providing catering services in the household or on a family farm This Ordinance prescribes the postponement or exemption from the payment of the annual lump sum tourist tax in the conditions of special circumstances defined by Article 14a of the Tourist Tax Act. More precisely, it is a matter of reducing the flat tourist tax by 50% and exemption from paying the flat tourist tax for extra beds for 2020 in full. The Ministry of Tourism has published in the Official Gazette the Ordinance on the deferral or exemption from payment of tourist tax for persons providing catering services in the household or on a family farmcenter_img Otherwise, the tourist tax is due on July 31.07.2020, XNUMX. years. Photo: Booking.comlast_img read more

Surf’n’Fries self-service fries as a game changer in the QSR segment

first_imgThe first such automated machine for making potatoes in the world has already been set up on the beach in Crikvenica, and in just 35 seconds it will throw out fresh and hot potatoes with sauce. The whole story is only in the test phase, and yet it is the result of many years of thinking and working. But that’s just the beginning of the story.  The Surf’n’Fries Vending machine opens up a totally new business perspective and a new market, as well as a phenomenal extension of the Surf’n’Fries brand. The possibilities are really wide, and the market is all over the world. I have no doubt at all about the success of Čolak’s new business venture, which has so far more than successfully proved that in spite of everything it is possible to make a globally competitive product and tourist export product in Croatia through a franchise model, which is a huge success. It is worth mentioning that Čolak was the co-founder of the world’s first smart umbrella Kisha, also a Croatian product, and that a year ago he opened the first franchise consulting agency – CFCG. And Čolak is also responsible for the Croatian application for booking nautical berths – PortHop. However, as much as some ideas, ie solutions, seemed logical and natural to us, in their simplicity lies their genius, and behind which stand hours and hours of creative thinking, trial and error… but persistence still paid off. Namely, this year the third franchise of Surf’n’Fries was opened in Egypt. Interestingly, Egypt is among the world’s largest exporters of potatoes. According to the data OEC, Egypt with over $ 300 million in exports ranks 4th in the world ranking of the largest exporters of potatoes. A similar paradox can be stated that some counties in Slavonia boast that they brought a company from Israel to learn how to irrigate Slavonia, instead of the other way around. Kudos to the Israelis for making “Slavonia” out of the desert and exporting products, but when we talk about exporting knowledge, then Slavonia should sell know-how in the context of irrigation for agricultural purposes to Israelis, and not the other way around. While the Israelites made Slavonia out of the desert, we made Slavonia a desert. An interesting parallel, isn’t it? Čolak and Surf n Fries are certainly the pioneers of the franchise model in Croatia, especially in the * QSR segment (quick service restaurant franchise ). As Colak himself concludes, that was crucial. “If we didn’t have that innovation as a business franchise model we probably wouldn’t even come close to a new product today and the question of whether we would exist as a Surf n Fries brand”Concludes Čolak. But that’s a different story. Let’s go back to Colak and his new innovation and product – Surf’n’Fries the first automated machine for making and selling fries When you sell fries, sauces, juice the imperative arises and the question is how to put all three things in one hand? And there has also been a new innovation in packaging i.e. Surf n Fries packaging. By the way, the whole story is a Croatian product, which is an added value and proof that it is possible to make global competitors products and innovations in Croatia, in spite of everything. How to make an innovation when it comes to fries?  Of course, everything is currently in the test phase, and later more options will be added according to the plan, from more sauce options even to the production of fresh breaded chicken medallions. Of course, fries are just the beginning of the story, and to this day, Surf’n’Fries offers a much wider and richer offer, as well as three types of business franchise models. After all, if you haven’t by now, be sure to get acquainted with the story of the global brand Surf’n’Fries. Another interesting fact is that Čolak also sells his fries in Egypt, one of the world’s largest exporters of potatoes. 12 years ago, a successful story about the development of the Surf’n’Fries brand, with an emphasis on the global brand, started from Rijeka and a small restaurant of a little more than 25 m2. Today, Surf’n’Fries fries are sold through franchise models in over 20 countries with hundreds of partners. “Everything is still in the testing phase and we follow every step of how it works because there are a lot of challenges that we have to solve. The device is currently being tested on Monty’s Dog beach in Crikvenica, and will later be installed at the Zagreb railway station and in a shopping center. The biggest advantage is that it works 0/24 so the best locations will be the ones that are open 24 hours. This is a very challenging mechanic, because making french fries within 35 seconds is very difficult to achieve. Also, we have to make sure that the whole complex process works properly, that the french fries do not header, that it withstands all external conditions, etc.… Also, there is our software that is connected to the internet, which allows us to see remotely or from the office all key information. Is it full, empty, something needs to be filled or something is not working, etc.… ” says Colak. Following the global story of the Surf’n’Fries brand, the whole story expands to automated Vending machine for making and selling potatoes. (Vending machine or vending machine. I honestly don’t know how to translate exactly into Croatian, maybe an automated machine that sells food, drinks or cigarettes when a coin, banknote or token is inserted into it) “We have been working on this for three years because there is a big trend in the world of kitchen automation, both due to labor problems and due to the automation of the whole process. We recognized this and of course took everything to a higher level, so we set out to fully automate our entire process. We are looking for a solution to create a “vending machine” that does not require any employees”Points out Colak. And that brings us to an interesting fact or rather a paradox. While we import potatoes from Egypt and other countries, according to the data of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, in 2018 the import of potatoes increased by 50%, Čolak exports Surf n Fries potatoes. All in One / French fries, sauces, juice and breaded chicken medallions or chicken nuggets This example reminds me, although they are not connected in the same way and it is about other industries, of one of the great achievements of Dr. Davor Pavuna who for the Swedish company Tetra Pak doo thinned the aluminum on the packaging by one micron and thus made the company millions in annual savings. packaging production. The very initial vision to launch a globally successful franchise from Croatia is admirable, let alone realized. The story of Surf’n’Fries can be divided through two key phases: Idea and innovation and perseverance and effort. The packaging itself is a top solution at the global level in the context of “on the go” food packaging. The All in One solution made it possible to hold french fries, sauces, juice and breaded chicken medallions or chicken nuggets in one hand, while with the other hand we can eat in peace, while still on the move. Also, an innovative solution from Čolak’s workshop. In fact, these are four innovations from Čolak’s laboratory. As I stated: fries, packaging, now also vending manchine, and we should definitely emphasize the innovation through the franchise business model, which was not bought or copied, but the result of Čolak and his team. At first, an impossible mission, but Andrija Čolak managed just that. And in a way that he made a hollow through the middle of the potato, ie he hollowed out the potatoes so that the sauce would “fit” into it perfectly. A brilliant idea, and as much as it was impossible to talk at all at the beginning and think about an innovation when we talk about fries, that’s exactly what Colak did. “We already have a lot of interest and inquiries, but first we have to be a million percent sure that the whole story works in every way before we go with this product on the market, so we will not rush to market in the context of sales until everything is 100% tested ” Colak points out. Now that I am writing this article and listing what Čolak is responsible for, my admiration for this genius who works diligently and shyly under the radar is only growing, but he has achieved very measurable success. And he was just beginning to spread his wings. Imagine bringing together all our geniuses in different sectors and turning our incredible potentials into quality resources. Photo: Surf’n’Frieslast_img read more

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