New map pack for Call of Duty Black Ops leaked

first_imgThe next map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops hasn’t even been officially announced, but according to G4TV and a number of other sources, the map names, themes, and launch date have already been leaked. Oddly enough, it’s GameStop, Activision’s launch partner, who’s inadvertently released the information.According to reports at G4TV, you can already pre-order the map pack at GameStop, and reps there say it’ll be available on June 28th. Activision hasn’t said anything on the matter, and photos from GameStop promotional flyers for the map pack have appeared on the web.The new map pack will, like the last one, feature five new maps: four traditional multiplayer maps and a special zombie-themed map. The maps, titled Hangar 18, Drive-In, Silo, and Hazard, all look real and the promo poster keeps with the art-style of the Escalation map pack released last month. If the Zombies map is anything like the “Call of the Dead” map from the Escalation pack, it’ll be worth playing.We can make out a few details from the promo photo: the Hangar 18 map is actually called “Invade Hangar 18,” and the Drive-In map is called “Attack at the Drive-In.” That implies that the Hangar 18 map is likely an assault-style map, possibly with an objective to capture inside. The Drive-In map may be an ambush where players have to defend themselves from attackers, much like the “Convoy” map from the Escalation pack.The Escalation map pack also saw its details leaked in advance of its launch. Australian gaming site accidentally posted a promotional flyer for the pack in April, a month in advance of the map pack’s release. Activision then stepped up a week later and officially announced the DLC, putting the leak to rest.If tradition holds and you really can already pre-order the map pack from GameStop stores, Activision will make the news official shortly.Read more at Digital Warfare 24/7 via G4TVlast_img

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