Notch making good progress towards 0x10c playable release

first_imgIn April Markus Persson, better known as Notch, decided on what his next big game would be. Having seen so much success with the launch of Minecraft he had the time and funds to do whatever he wanted. What he chose was a space MMO carrying the unusual name of 0x10c.So far we know that players will be in command of their own ship and can run around it like an FPS. Your ship will have a set amount of watts that must power everything, meaning there’s going to be lots of choice about what to run (shields, weapons, etc.), but a strict limit on how much of it can be powered up at any one time.Notch‘s main goal at the moment is getting to a first playable release. He intends to treat this game like the development of Minecraft where he releases publicly early and then develops alongside people playing it. And the good news is, he’s making great progress and has just today released the video you see above.It’s mainly an art test and experiment with dynamic lighting, but it does show a lot of progress has been made considering he started from scratch and has only been working on it a little over 6 months. We’ve got a 3D textured environment, collision detection, weapon use, and the latest feature–dynamic lighting.Your guess is as good as mine as to when a playable version will be released. I hope for Notch’s sake he’s been spending a long time building a solid backend as this won’t be like Minecraft that came out of nowhere and slowly built a following. Everyone is waiting for Notch’s next game and thousands of gamers will be eagerly waiting to sign up and login from day one.Track the progress of 0x10c over at the official website and forums.last_img

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